2 weeks ago (wednesday 3rd June) i had my 34week scan (my last one). the scan wife told me your baby is no in the right position (head down ready to go sort of thing). Great i though. So we had then an appoitment to see the consultant ( We never did see a consultant just a midwife. Which being my first pregnancy dont think much of this).

The midwife we saw ( there was summit about her me and mark didnt take to her) toke my blood pressure then said if you jump up on to the bed and i'll have a feel at your tummy and listen to the heartbeat. Am thinking why do you wanna feel my tummy? Ave just had a scan and everything is fine. So anyway i gets up on the bed and she listens to the heartbeat then starts pressing at my belly. I felt liking sayin to her be gently for christ sake theres a child in there and my tummy aint a lump of dough. She measure my belly (2 wks before at the midwife i see at my gp clinic measured 33/34 cm - above average am told.) which measured 40cm. Am thinking how come my tummy has grew 7cm in 2 weeks???? Was this normal or no??!! The wife said this is abit above average and goes away to get a doctor.

Me and mark are sitting waiting. Am thinking and was tempted to say to the midwife when she measured my belly what do you expect if my belly is above average did you no notice the size of mark as we walked in? (marks 6ft 2 and am around 5ft 4. I found while being pregnant ave been getting alittle more cheekier or making comments that may be cheeky etc) So the doctor comes in and says we wanna check to see if you have ---- (cant mind the words but was to see for temprary diabetis).

So monday of the following weeks (8th june) i had to fast from midnight. Went in at 9am (with a hungry belly) gave blood and had to drink 0.4 litres of lucozade. That was fun as i hate lucozade and as i was drinkin it was really felling like i was gonna be sick. So 2 hours later i had to return again so they could get more blood. They said if you hear from us then we found something etc and if you dont then everything is fine.. Thankfully theyve not phoned so thats a bonus.. My mum is a diabetic and she has tested me for sugar a couple of times and its been fine.

sorry if ave blethered on but thought i'd let you's know, even though its probably nothing you wanna ken about. thanks