We just spent 6 days and nights with Kel in pediactrics at the hospital because lasted week she came down with vommiting and a high temp (103) and that last 2 days and then she suddenly was really gasping for air ALL OF THE TIME and just not moving any at all I could see hear and feel. Extremely dehydrated...lethargic. She would not eat or eat drink while in hospital. She did so well except when her temp would spike then she would fight the IV's and everyone. Anyway, it turns out she has pneumonia. So basically she laid there in her big crib with the IV's. her pillow, blankie, binky, and sometimes Mama or Dada with her too and watched videos. I desparately tried to sneak bites of jello into her and popsicles and gave her bottle of water or pedialyte or juice or in her sippy cup. She has lost weight. In a week she lost almost 3 1/2 pounds. She is already tiny for being 18mos.
Anyway...... we are home...... she is still not herself but getting there.
Her baby brother due in 20wks is fairing well. She knows now where Kaydon is. In Auntie's tummy. She knows what she can comprehend. Of course she wants Kaydon NOW NOW NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very happy Sher does not understand she still has to wait wait wait.!