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My Braxton Hicks yesterday...

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
...were really really bad, but I'm thinking now it was sympathy because 2 YES TWO people I know both gave birth yesterday!! Both ladies who I did my Pregnancy Yoga class with. One of them had a baby boy (her 4th child) at home yesterday morning and was I think 12 days over due so she was lucky because for a home birth you are only allowed to go 13 days over in our district so she just got away with it!! Then the other had a baby girl last night, her first baby 3 or 4 days early so there was no reason to think they'd have their babies at the same time but wow I'm really excited now and even more impatient to have mine. Don't see it being anytime soon though as it's still moving soooo much and not due for another month Baby

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Bless you - sympathy braxton hicks. I hope you are feeling OK though. Don't read too many posts on this site then as people get closer to the end - you will be getting them all the time.

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