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posted 1 decade 6 years ago
Kids TV is great in moderation, it keeps my 3 year old quiet in the mornings so I can get on with housework or just a sit down with a cuppa!!!!! (Although I am positive she still has no idea what a neuron actually does!). It is also good for teaching us parents new songs (and signs) so we can sing with our babbies BUT they do not learn so well by proxy and it is SOOOOO much better for them to be going out for a walk, playing with old pans and wooden spoons with you in the kitchen, or playing card board box with you.
I think the problem is they are sold to us as 'educational' and we forget that at the tiny age they are the best education is what they experience first hand.

posted 1 decade 6 years ago
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my lil girl loves the number jacks but she absolutely adores the fimbles and the roly mo show. well not the fimbles as such she loves roly mo. as soon as he comes on or i put her vid on thats it she wont move until its finished which is great if i need to do the washing etc... lol

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