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should i be worried yet??

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
I had the midwife on wednesday like every time i go she measure the bump, listens to the heart and feels my tummy.

She measured me and it was 34cm then did it again to double check and it was 33cm so in my notes she put 33.5cm cos it was a cm apart. she said that was alittle above average but no to worry. am no worried about that because i thought well marks around 6ft and am bot 5ft 4 or there abouts.

anyway when she was feeling my tummy she said theres the bum, she said sorry that was the head. Junior is lying breech at the mo. Juniors head is at my right bood and lying diagonall with the legs on my left handside towards my hip i suppose you could say. Am 32 weeks gone on thursday there so ave around 6wks and 5 days to my due date. The midwife said if junior is still breech at 36wks (thats my next midwife appoitment- 3wks this wednesday) i may need a scan. I have a scan a week on wednesday anyway. Should i even be worried at this point or just see how it goes until my next midwife appoitment? I ken babies can move a few times up till a few days or so before being born.

sorry if its nothing at all. Its the sillest things that makes me curious but suppose not in this case.....

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
I wouldn't worry yet. My second was transverse for weeks on end and I saw the consultant at 36 weeks, who then sent me for a scan at 37 weeks but my bubs had then gone head down. Honestly your baby could still move alot!

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