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It's A .... and should be happy...

posted 1 decade 3 days ago
BOY!!! Smile A BOY A BOY A BOY!!! Smile (no... thats only 1 boy! I just got excited... he hee!) Smile
So we have a "Kaydon Jake"... Jake being after his big brother in heaven. We are thrilled, but I feel as a mother that Jake is being replaced. Sad Face I miss him so much. I am happy tho but different. Sad Face
Anyway, Kaydon is doing superb as well as my sister carrying him. Very happy She is having some slight fluid level drop but will keep an eye on it. As well as a bit of elevated BP.
Anyway we are having a son. Smile Kaydon... I just really love that name.

posted 1 decade 3 days ago
awww a boy will be lovely

posted 9 years 11 months ago
thats great like SmileSmileSmileSmile bet all three of you are chuffed its a boy Very happy

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