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housing advice help

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
ok just want some advice on our current situation,me and hubby and 2 kids live in a small 2 bed house,its very small but the 2 boys share a room so we get by,I like my house and the area but would love another baby and am becoming very broody at the moment and would also love a garden and some storage as have neither in my house,we own a 20% share in our home through a housing association so if we want to move we need to sell our share,it currently costs us £300 a month for our rent and mortgage which is very cheap and know I would struggle to find anything cheaper unless I got a council or housing association house but am currently on every list going and have never had a offer and think it is unlikely I ever will,so if I want to sell my home I am going to have to pay so many fees etc and get very little if nothing back as the house prices have gone down so much and because its a quarter share I will be lucky to get back a grand after I have paid the mortgage off and fees,I am currently looking into private rentals and have seen a few I have liked for around £500 a month which is our max and that would be pushing us,as hubby works but its not a fantastic wage,so the question is what do we do,is it worth paying the extra money a month for a bigger house or would should I stay here,I have also had neighbour problems over the past 2 years with noise and parties which has still not been resolved which is another reason I want to move,can anyone help with advice

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
I think from everything you've said if you read it again you'd probably be saying the same thing, which is that a move is required. I certainly don't think that you could have another baby where you are now, and it may be a struggle with the boys sharing in a few years.

Perhaps you could buy part of a bigger house in the same way that you did with this one?

If not then selling up and renting may be the best option. Not sure what area you are in to advise on what you might get for £500/month though. I would expect that you could get something bigger but you may have to sacrifice on the location to do that.

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
Bigger house, you are going to need one eventually anyway as you already have two in one room.

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
thanks for the replies no we get no with fees from HA and they wont buy our share back either,am not allowed to sublet or exchange in any shape or form,we have to pay for all repairs in the house as HA pay for nothing even though they own most of the house,they us with nothing and hate the fact if anything breaks down we have to pay,we recently spend £200 on a new back fence as the other one fell down,I have had Enviromental health envolved with my neighbours and this has been on going for 2 years as there has been so many different people living there and sometimes the property is empty for days or months on end they are not HA and own theirs out right which makes matters harder,am at a loss what to do and wish sometimes things had been better explained to us when we bought the share

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
I'm sure it seems like alot to deal with sorting out a move with the way you part own, but based on you wanting another baby and you neighbour problems I think it would be a happy ending if you did get another place.

I don't know the legal or financial grounds from where you stand, but on a personal note I'd say go for the move. We are in a 2 bedroom place which has been fine with 2 children, even though they are opposite sex they are still young. However with a third due soon it has become very apparant that we could suddenly be very short of space and the bedroom issue become a big deal. We have our fingers crossed for a move to a 3 bedroom house over the summer holiday, shortly after the baby is born. Which seems like a huge up-heaval and also abit of a pain as we've just spent the past couple of months decorating etc. However the thought of an extra room and the possibility of no girl/boy sharing is very appealing.

I hope you can sort something out, there must be ways of getting out of these agreements as there are always going to be people who have to move for some reason or another.

posted 4 years 6 months ago
When my husband and I were purchasing a home the realtor asked us I'd we planned on having anymore children. At the time, we only had one. She explained to us that we need to buy a house to grow into rather than buying on that just fits us perfect. She couldn't have been more right! We ended up having two more kids. If we had bought the house we first fell in love with, we would have been packed in it like sardines.

posted 4 years 6 months ago
Neighborhood problems were rally what drove me away from our first house, and they are never fun to deal with. The fact is though is that if you are raising a child then that is really all that matters, because you want them to be brought up in the most safe and calm place you can find, and having bad neighbors certainly makes that more difficult.

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