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63 days since last period, negative pregancy test

posted 1 decade 10 months ago
Hi, its been 63 days since the 1st day of my last period, have done 4 pregnancy tests and they have all been negative (never missed a period in my life!). My periods vary from 36 to 42 days. We have been trying to get pregnant for over 6mths, so would love to be pregnant. Doctor said to do another test next week & possibly the week after as nothing he can do until I get a positive test. Have been usually tired, very sensitive to strong smells so wonder if I am pregnant. Confused... Confused

Has anyone else been in this situation?

posted 1 decade 10 months ago
Have a blood test, some women never get a + with urine pregnancy tests.

posted 1 decade 10 months ago
I've randomly had a period 7 weeks late, we weren't trying for a baby. I took about 4 tests over the 7 weeks all negative. My period is usually around 28-32 days so it was extremely unusual for me too.

When I'm due on i usually have symptoms of sore boobs and tirdeness and I am even sick sometimes so they are much the mirror of pregnancy symptoms, but as soon as my period starts they go away. I had this for the whole 7 weeks I was waiting for my period which made me wonder whether I was, hence doing the tests.

I was stressing a bit over it as my son was only about 8 months and i didn't want anymore so I think that made it delayed more. If you are trying for a baby and are hoping to be pregnant, this could be delaying it too.

If I were you, I would also ask the dr to do a blood test like Samuel suggested just incase, especially since you have been trying to get pregnant.

posted 1 decade 10 months ago
Thank you for all your comments. I will ask Doctor for a blood test.

Thanks again for your support


posted 1 decade 10 months ago
hope it comes back positive hun. but if it is neg i hope its nothing to serious. Sorry ave never had anything like this happen to me so dont ken what to say really..

posted 1 decade 4 months ago


I am currently in the same position. 63 days since the first day of my last period and too have a cycle that is not regular and any where from 32 to 42 days. My husband and I have been trying for almost a year now and are hoping but with 3 negative home tests I am not very positive!

How did it turn out for you? Feeling very frustrated and with all the H1N1 concerns my doctor's office is only seeing patients on an emergency basis.

posted 1 decade 4 months ago
I would ring the your doctors and get an appointment with the nurse or doctor and get a blood test done AllyD. You can get false negatives on those home tests a blood test is so much more conclusive as they messure th eamount of prostogene that is in your blood steam and they can also give you a rough guide on those levels to how far along you are. Good luck and I think this is an emergency

posted 1 decade 4 months ago
Wondering if anyone has any updates? I too have missed two periods now. 3 neg hpt and 1 neg blood test.

posted 1 decade 3 months ago
Hi, i am in the same situation as you at the moment, it's been 87 days today since the start of my last period. I have never missed a period before.
We started TTC and i haven't had a period since.
I went to the doctors and they took some blood tests as all my urine tests were negative.
The blood tests came back clear, so the doctor has booked an ultrasound scan for 8th january to check everything is ok.
There is no reason why i would miss periods as this has never happened before...typical it happens just as we start TTC.

My advice to you is to contact your doctor and ask for an ultrasound scan...they pick up everything, so will hopefully put your mind at ease.
Good luck with everything xx

posted 1 decade 3 months ago
I'm in the same situation at the moment. My last period was 20th November. I've had two negative tests within a few days of each other. I still think I'm pregnant because I just been sick not too long ago with other symptoms as well. I don't know whether to get the early 5/7ml pg test strips. I've never missed a period but I've always been irregular. I've never been this late.

posted 1 decade 2 months ago
Hi all,just wanted to say i hope you all get the result you are waiting for. When my DH and i were TTC numb2 i would sometimes go a whole three months without my period and went through a whole lot of negative tests. My cycle was 28-34 days so it was odd but i got told that it can happen. I thought i wasnt anxious or stressed and took a relaxed approach to TTC. Our bodys can react to situations without us even being aware of it but if you are concerned a quick visit to the GP for a blood test,check up wouldnt hurt.
I also still get the same "pregnancy symptoms" just before my period is due but once they arrive they dissapear.

posted 7 years 4 months ago
Hi i havent had my period fors 63 days now, i have had 4 home pregnancy tests, swabs done and blood tests and have all come back negative this was two weeks ago. I need some advice on what to do now ??? can neone help me please !!

posted 3 years 4 months ago
hi im janeff 32 yrs old my last period oct 13...almost 2months no period
i got my 2 test but still negative... Sad Face

posted 2 years 6 months ago
Carolyn, am happy that you know how your body functions. Very few women know when they'll be having their next periods or even when thy are ovulating. I can imagine your anxiety. Motherhood is a great state in life. Am also glad that you have a doctor involved in your experience. It is very important. Some early pregnancies fail the urine test. Therefore, the only test that works is the blood tests. I hope you are pregnant too since it's your wish. All the best.

posted 1 year 5 months ago
Has anyone encountered this

I am 63 days since last period first ever to miss a period and thought was preggars but tests were negative

I have had test done and turned out to have four fibroids

My boyfriend wants a child and would love to have another but can’t get pregnant

I am also scared that I am starting peri menopausal mode

posted 1 year 5 months ago
Sometimes it happens to me, stress can be massively affects my cycle.

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