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Feeling abit rough!

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
After spending recent weeks telling evryone this has been my easiest pregnancy, I am now feeling the strain. I am really suffering with heart burn, so I've cut down the size of meals doing the little and often snack thing but still feel it. Even bland food like bread and bananas affects me, and drinking water seems to aggrevate it too!
I've been busy I will admit but I'm starting to feel more tired now and less enthusiastic about doing things. I'm at that stage now where I'm s fed up with people's comments, questions and opinions about my bump/baby/pregnancy. I don't mind so much when it's a good friend but some randoms popping out of the woodwork are pissing me off. I really don't care about what THEY think, do they seriously not understand that? It's MY baby, the choice of name is up to Steve and I, my bump is not too big or too small, I have put on a normal amount of weight, I have already had 2 babies and so do have a pretty good idea of what to expect so why do they stick their noses in?? GRRR!!

Anyway along the lines of more positive thinking I had my home birth risk assessment this week. It was just to clarify with the midwife what to expect and what would happen if certain events occur. It has made me even more excited absout the thought of a home birth now and I'm really glad I am going through with it. I've had many questions about why I want a home birth, or people telling me why they wouldn't-fair enough that's their choice! But once again this is MY baby, MY body, MY experience. The ony people who are involved in the birth are myself and Steve; and once the baby is born the only other people who matter are the kids so they can bond and settle together.

Anyway, 9 weeks left to go. Feeling uncomfortable and it will no doubt drag at times but I'm seriously hoping all goes well as I don't want anything to ruin my home birth and I can't wait now to meet my little bub and find out if it's pink or blue!

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Aw you are so right, it is YOUR baby! I have had a lot of comments and as its my first I feel like I should just listen but I would rather find out for myself etc. had enouh of people touching my bump without asking too.

Still the end is in sight so keep your chin up hun. Your new arrival will be here in no time. Well done on not finding out. I think I would have gone crazy not knowing but I have no patience

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
I remember the comments when I said I was having a homebirth. One comment was along the lines of calling me a hippy lol!

I don't think some people can help themselves, all I ever heard about was labours that lasted days and ended up in emergency sections, with horrible mw's and bossy doctors! I never really had someone say to me, my birth was great!

Hope the heart burn settles, I struggled with it too. Gaviscon and having to sleep propped up on pillows eased it for me a little.

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Hey hunnie i can totally sympathise with you, im sick to death with people thinking its okay just to stick there hands on the belly i mean come on would they do it if i wernt pregnant!!

I dont know if its the change in the weather or what but heartburn is a killer, i cant get comfortable at night oh man i could moan moan moan all morning, i just keep telling myself it is all so worth it as i cant wait to meet Baby K, maybe were just at a stage where in the next week or so we will feel glorious again or "blooming" as everyone seems to keep saying.

Take care of you and Bump!


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