Kel has caught some nasty tummy virus. She woke from her morning nap and cried and cried and just laid on my tummy and i felt her she was burning up. I took her temp which is very hard to do on a 17 month old who is sick and cranky. It was 101.8 She then proceded to vomit all over the nice livingroom carpet. And cry and cry. She has had several very loose diapers and vommited several more times... cannot hold down milk, juice or pedialyte. I called her ped and was told "just to ride it out that it is going around" and if she goes for more than 6 hours without a wet diaper then go to the ER. She wont drink nothing now. So how will shje ever have a wet diaper? And the temp goes down with Motrin but spikes after 4 hrs. Wont eat wont drink... diarhea. vommiting. I am worried. but i have to ride it through. Shocked
She is still a baby. Sad Face i am worried.