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dont know what to do

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Hi, i have a 2yr old son and am still sort of with his dad, although he works away during the week. We dont really get on that well- i know 100% we would not be together if it wasnt for our son. I dont want to be with him anymore and i am now in a dilemma. I have met someone else, its still early days and i havnt cheated on my partner but i want to leave. my problem is i feel so bad as this other guy lives at the opposite end of the country-i want to move there- not just for him but for a fresh start. i know this will break my partners i doing the right thing- i would never stop him seeing his son but he doesnt drive so it would be hard. help!

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
I was in a similar situation about a year and half ago (although, I was not involved romantically at that point at all with my daughter’s father)…. All I can say is to think through things thoroughly, talk to all who are involved and see how every one feels about things, no matter what it’s going to be a tough decision….. I don’t really have very good advise for you other wise… it did work out well for me and my daughter (I made the move) and I do my best to get her to see her father (he is not so helpful there sometimes) but it has it’s difficulties (and a very long story involved as well lol)…

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