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New to pregnancy & forums!

posted 1 decade 3 months ago
I'm pregnant with my first baby, all very exciting and overwhelming! At first it was all a bit dream like and now, week 7, I am feeling ridiculously tired and unable to concentrate on my work..I am self employed so rely on self motivation to get things done BUT finding it really difficult to get any work done! Add to that I have started to feel sick and food is my enemy at the moment...but if I don't eat I feel worse... ok, this is maybe more of a rant than a question but is this all normal?? And any tips? Also feeling weepy! Oh I usually do yoga but finding the sickness doesn't quite work with being in downward dog! So have stopped that.. for now. erm.. thats it..for now.

posted 1 decade 3 months ago
Hey hun welcome to JP and congrats, it all sounds pretty normal to me! Good thing is the tiredness and sickness does tend to pass in most cases, after you reach twelve weeks you should feel a new lease of life not always though! Your body is just getting used to this new little life that is growing inside you.

Hope you feel better soon. Kiss


posted 1 decade 3 months ago
Congratulations and welcome to the site!! Flower

posted 1 decade 3 months ago
Welcome to JustParents and welcome to pregnancy. I am on my first pregnancy too and I have to say I felt like poop in my first trimester and could just about hold it together at work but would then be useless at home.
It does pass, not that knowing that helps you much now, but you will start feeling more like yourself in the middle bit. I am out of the middle bit now and into the end bit - which is tiring but still not as debilitating (so far) as the first bit. (Do you like my use of technical terms!!!) Very happy
Anyway, good luck and try and rest when you can. That is easier said than done I know...... Kiss

posted 1 decade 3 months ago
Hi Neela

Yes that is all so normal! I am only 8 or 9 weeks gone, and have been feelig exactly the same as you, I am yawning my head off writing this and have no idea how I'm going to manage to get any work done as I work from home too.

Can I recommend 2 books that really put all my worries and confusions at ease, and made me feel more normal - the first one is Myleen Klass 'Me and My Bump' which was so reassuring. And the 2nd was recommended to me on this site by another blogger and makes me laugh out laugh as I track each week - 'The Rough Guide to Pregnancy & Birth'. Get them both on ebay or amazon.

I have taken up swimming again instead of running and aerobics as I don't have the energy for high burning activity, and always feel much better and more energetic afterwards. Maybe it'll work for you?

Good luck!

posted 1 decade 2 months ago
welcome along...

and congratulations hunni Very happy Very happy

posted 1 decade 1 month ago
Hey ladies,

Thanks for those messages.. I have to say things went from bad to worse but am praying it's getting better now, basically I got really quite sick on week 9, to the point I could hold no liquid or solid food in, after two days of throwing up, I was so weak I had to be taken to hospital and put on a drip. And the doctors had to give me medication to stop the nausea.. something I was always against but when I found out the baby was lacking nutrients I soon popped the pill! It has been a traumatic four weeks, I have basically been bedridden as any movement was making me sick.. so I guess I was am one of the unlucky ones that got the extreme version of morning sickness.. I did find out my mother had it with all of her children (there's 3 of us) so I kind of understood where it may have come from. I am in week 13, even though it's getting better, it's really taken it out of me. And I am still prone to bouts of sickness.

The positive to all this is we had the scan on Friday (wk 12) and baby looks unaffected and happy, moving aorund and unaware of the awful time I've been going through. I am now slowly looking to get back into working, have had to take the last month off.. but it does make you re-prioritise what you hold important and I know more than anything, I just want my baby to be ok... oh, and I would love to stop being sick!!!

posted 1 decade 1 month ago
Oh my - does sound like you have been in the wars. Kiss I hope the rest of your pregnancy is more of a breeze.
Glad to hear the baba is OK, typical that the baby has no idea the problems you are facing - but we would not want it any other way.
Keep us up to date with how things carry on.

posted 1 decade 1 month ago
Thank you! I am determined to fight much as I can! Has anyone else had it this bad?? x

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