Well im now 36+3 pregnant and tomo i have a midwife appointment to discuss my birth plan. This is what i have written for it so far, can someone read it and let me know anything i may of missed etc.

Birth Partners: Rich Brill

Do you want them present at all times? Yes

Their relationship to you? Partner

Labour and birth:
I want to be able to move freely as and when I want to and decide my position for delivery when I come to it, depending how I can get comfortable.

Pain relief
To have gas and air available if wanted
May use birthing pool if available for pain relief and/or delivery

Fetal Monitoring:
If needed but prefer it not to be constant

Help with Delivery
Waters may need to be broke as didn’t go naturally in last labour

Cord cutting
Partner to cut cord if he wants to, if not then I want to be offered

Delivery of placenta

After the birth
Vitamin k for baby

Method of feeding

Views on c-section
Prefer not to have but will if needed

Preferably not