First weigh in on Tuesday and i will of gained!! Embarassed

Not easter eggs either... Shocked

The freezer packed in on Thursday and it was full of meat fresh from the butchers too. So i tried to do SW Extra Easy but not sure i got the hang of it especially with what we had in!!

On Friday we went to pick up the new freezer and by the time we had finished we had no time to shop to cook so we went for a meal to a Brewsters. It was a disaster and after waiting nearly 2 hours for our food even after a refund, we sent it back as they came out on dirty dishes. It was 4pm and we'd not eaten since breakfast Shocked So when we got home we had pizza and wine Embarassed (wine i'd planned to use my syns for)

Saturday started off well and we went to York Railway museum for the day, i had a greek salad for lunch and we stopped off again for a meal. I knew there were things on the menu i could have on SW so didn't think there'd be a problem. HOWEVER, the 4 things i could have had all sold out (gammon, steak, salmon and tomato pasta!!!). I could not believe it. So i ended up having a pasta dish which had a creamyish sauce and garlic bread with a glass of wine. (i had counted the wine into my syns though, but the olives in the salad and the garlic bread have taken me way over the limit).

Then last night, MIL brought pizza and wine around as a surprise so we didn't have to cook and then i thought sod it and had 6 milk tray chocs left from my birthday. I couldn't refuse the wine and pizza bless her - and today i've thrown the huge box of chocs away!!

Crying Crying Crying

I've been so bad.

So i'll just have to go on Tuesday get weighed and hold my hands up!

The freezer is now full of meat from the butchers again (THE NEW FREEZER I MAY ADD), and the fridge is full of all things SW Free, as are the cupboards.

I'm trying to stick to the plan today, and will stick to it tomorrow, but atleast i can start afresh next week and we will be having no meals out.

But time just dissapears when you have a baby.

How embarrasing will it be for my first week at group??

Oh well xx