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Advice needed with getting an older child to wipe after poo.

posted 1 decade 1 month ago

First time posting here as I'm after some help. My 7 year old step-son can't wipe himself after going for a poo. He spends most of his time with his grandparents where his grandad wipes him after going. Therefore, his attitude is 'why do I need to do it if grandad does it for me' or simply 'I don't want to'.

He can go to the toilet fine by himself...going for a wee is no problem. It's the issue of getting him to wipe.

How should Dad and I do this?

Of course we are going to speak to the childs grandparents about this but I don't think grandad will be so supportive and will probably continue to wipe him for his own convenience.

Any advice or suggestions would be fantastic.

Many thanks Smile

posted 1 decade 1 month ago
i've got a 7 year old & he's only just started doing it on his own at first i just used to check to see if he was clean but now he's fine on his own but i would say that wipes are easer than loo roll if you no what i meen? Wink

posted 1 decade 1 month ago
The wipes are just better at getting it clean! I think you need to be firm with the grandparents - you both need to be calm, and support each other - good luck

posted 1 decade 1 month ago
You should show him a little bit how ridiculous the situation is.... I think he'll learn fast to wipe himself! Maybe I'm being too rude and tough, but he's not 4 anymore!!

posted 1 decade 1 month ago
I agree with Summer, what does he do at school, just remain dirty?

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