Yeah, so i haven't been around in sometime ive just had so many things on my mind and yes mainly man problems, and im sorry to bore you all rigid again, but its one of those situations i really do need help in. Thanks for all the replys in the other thread Smile

So recently, me and my boyfriend split up, it was now a few weeks ago. I got sick of him lecturing me and i saw him more as my dad than my boyfriend with the amount of things he'd rollock me for, for example i dropped key skills at college because i couldn't do them and im just lazy lol so then he moans at me for that, And recently before we split up i started dressing different because i have a lot of emo friends, so i decided to get back into it and then he shouts at me for that, in the end i basically told him to eff off and dont come back (basically i dumped him).

We still talk, but recently he's been coming around to talk and we both know how it ends.. Embarassed In bed. Its one of those things were i cant stop myself from doing it, i know its not right but i just cant stop myself, and in the end i just feel really used.

And then i really took a liking to this guy. in fact we we're talking way before me and my boyfriend got together, and we text all the time and we we're gonna meet and stuff and then he went and got himself a girlfriend, and thats just bugged the hell out of me because he was moaning at me to dump my boyfriend, and that was the other reason i did alongside the nagging. And does it make me a heartless bitch if i wake up every morning and wish they'd end or somethin so i could be with him instead? Sad Face

Im sorry for the essay, but i have no idea what to do again..Im just stuck in the worlds biggest rut and cant get out again anytime soon..

Thank you so much for listening to me, yet again and anything is appreciated..Solution wise Smile

Danielle xxx