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Infertility and coeliac (wheat intolerance) Is there a link?

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
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It's jea again.
Have been researching more on fertility. Can anyone shed any light on theories of infertility and coeliac disease being linked. I have had a wheat intollerance (as well as many other food groups) for a number of years now after having a virus caught from a school I once worked in. During many of my hospital visits, a link between the two has never been mentioned, but if it is a factor then i would rather know. Maybe I should make an appointment with a dietician?

Any theories gratefully recieved!

Thanks x

posted 1 decade 4 years ago
hi there sorry if this answer drags on ut i hope it helps in some way my mother is coeliac and tried for a baby for about 8 years in that time she lost 2 babies eventually she came to the conclusion that she couldnt have children, so the adopted me Very happy
they were still under the asumption that they couldnt have children so went on with "business" as usual if you get my meaning Gag 5 years later my sister was born by c section a full term perfect baby

so to sum up i personally believe there could be a link but its not impossile it can just take time

hope that helps and good luck

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