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hospital palava!!

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Ugh, have just gor back from hospital AGAIN and need a moan! I went for my 34 weeks check up on fri and was told I have high blood pressure - I don't, just high from my booking in appt (101/68 to 115/88). Anyway, midwife sent me to main hospital to get checked. I have been swelled up since about 15 weeks so when she asks if I had swelling - it's nothing new! And yes I had a headache but I'm still at work!
So off I trotted to hospital where they too my BP again and it was down to 80 so they said I was fine and just took blood and put me on one of those monitoring machines. I had now been at hospital for about 4 hours!! Just sitting!! I hate waiting! So they checked my print out and said I had irregular tightenings. Now, I'm no professional but I believe irregular tightenings (i.e. Braxton hicks are quite normal at 34+5!) so she did an internal to see if I was in labour. (again, I'm expecting to be able to tell if I'm in labour - if I was in labour then, it's the easiest labour ever!).I wasn't BTW!

So after about 8 hours they sent me home to come back today. I did and they did the monitoring, bloods and BP again (hours of waiting) to send me home eventually and say you need to rest. I'm thinking most ppl now 35 weeks pregnant need to rest!

ugh! hospitals!

glad to be able to let off steam! thanks! xx

posted 1 decade 5 years ago

I guess they are just trying to be thorough and check you properly. I had a visit to my labour ward yesterday as I started gettin braxton hicks on friday morning which continued until last night. However by yesterday morning I was so tired and in a bit of pain that I gave in and phoned for advice. They called me in stuck me on a monitor to check bubs was happy then sent me on my merry way. Not quite sure it acheived anything but they were really nice and I now know what the ward is like for when they are real contractions.

I guess they were just covering their backs in case something was really wrong with u hun. It would have been worse if there was a problem and they ignored it. Glad u r ok.

Fi and tidgy pud xxx

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
I know, they like to cover their backs but it's frustrating when one lot of people say you need checks and you get there and the other MWs say there's nothing wrong! Gag

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Grrr i had this a few times throughout late pg with Georgia-Mae, my dippy MW always said i had high blood pressure or high levels of protein so i'd always be at hospital for the rest of the day being monitored Wink it got so frustrating as then hosp would just send me home again 4 hours later. I had to call work and tell them i wouldn't be in for the afternoon - and so did DP as i worked in Leeds but lived 30 mins away, wasn't at a Leeds hospital and didn't drive.

Glad you were able to come on here and have a moan Wink Kiss

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