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Update from consultant about my 'birth plan'...

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Well, we went to see the consultant last friday to discuss mode of delivery- only to find a new consultant... my immediate thought was "Oh great, here we go again!"

As soon as we walked into the room, he said "So when are we going to book you in for your caesarean?" We both said that we had discussed a trial of labour with the consultant we had seen in October... wasn't too impressed with that and started up with the risks (that I have already looked into as well as the percentages etc), I asked if it made any difference with the timescale since the last caesarean- apparently not but I don't think that's right somehow!! Once he realised we were very serious about this, his attitude changed and he was quite positive in how we should go about this- although unlike the previous consultant, he won't induce me.

The plan now is that I go back a week Wednesday for an internal (to see if anything is likely to happen soon Suspect ), a blood test to check for any looming pre-eclampsia (although with both previous pregnancies my BP didn't start to go up 'til a couple of days before term) and I have to go back every week after so they can check me again.

My other concern with regard to a 3rd c-section was that I wouldn't be able to have any more children with Jezz, as this one is his 1st. The consultant said this wasn't necessarily the case although this particular hospital stops at 3 c-section deliveries... I still would prefer a vaginal birth. Smile

I really hope I go by myself, will be trying everything possible!

Lou x

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Good luck with it all. I hope the baby finds the route out. Seems like to have your head screwed on about it all though.
Very happy

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
I have my fingers all crossed for you! Realy hope you get the vaginal birth, and that this allows you to have more babies with Jezz if you so wish!

Not long for you now - how exciting! xx Kiss

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
I have had a few worrying dreams lately about it though but I suppose that's normal- they have all been about the kids (DS,DD and little one) being in a life-threatening situation that is something I have a 'control' over in some way- I dreamt a midwife got in my car although I was in the driver's seat but she had control and drove me over a cliff but insisted me and the little one would be ok although we clearly wouldn't be; the 2nd dream was about Gemma where we were by a swimming pool and she fell in but rather than come up to the top she went under some gap at the bottom and came up between the pool and the drain and I could see her hair but couldn't reach her; the 3rd then was me driving along a familiar route with James next to me when the sides of the road suddenly disappeared and for a split second (although I have never had any suicidal tendencies) I had this feeling that I had to go over but stopped myself as soon as I felt this and just panicked. I'm putting it all down to the slight uncertainty I have about this birth, but I worry that the consultant,etc thinks that I'm being selfish for not wanting another c-section although I would agree hands down to it if there was the slightest hitch when I'm in labour. Suspect

God, my head's a mess at the moment. Upset

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