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Where has the time gone??

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Gabriel Henry is now 6 days old (and of course bloody gorgeous!) Love

He had his 5 day check yesterday and lost only 1.5oz which is 40g, apparently they allow them to lose up to 370g - so he's doing great. Very happy Which has put my mind at rest as i didn't think he was drinking enough milk.

We also registered him, and went for our first outing - just to the supermarket adn then we stopped at Costa Coffee as he was ready for a feed.

He's been out in his pram twice to school too, and Georgia-Mae is as proud as punch. With it being such a small school he's majorly fussed over, and one of the boys in Georgies calss, loves babies and just stands by the pram watching him the whole time - bless!

Last night he only wke up for two feeds, before that he was waking every hour and a half so fingers crossed!

Hope you are all well xxxx

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
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Bless glad all seems to of picked up and is going well Very happy

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Glad all is ok, I bet Georgia is being a brilliant big sister! Is she very protective of Gabriel? James was quite protective of Gemma before I even had her, but when she was born he was too shy (or scared?) to hold her 'til she was about a week old!- I wonder what Gemma will be like with this one! Before she went into school a couple of days ago she hugged the bump and gave it a kiss! Cute! Almost brought a tear to my eye!

Have you located the lead for the camera yet?

Lou xx

P.S. I see the consultant tomorrow about mode of delivery. Had a disturbing dream the other night that I can't stop thinking about- basically the jist was that I feel that whoever I have looking after me if I am allowed a trial of labour (whether it be induced or not) won't know what to do or what dangers to look out for like uterine rupture... I feel like half of me wouldn't mind a c-section as I know where I am with it, rather than attempt to deliver naturally. Crying

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
I'm so glad Gabriel is doing so well hun. Are you successfully BF this time as I know you wanted to try it again?

I must admit I thought the same the other day about where the time has gone. Sophie is over 5 months now and we are weaning her well. She sits in her highchair and has breakfast and lunch and is growing fast. She has little chubby wrists too (which I had to pick fluff out of the other day - another favourite hobby Love ). Time really does whizz away. No wonder they say the first year goes fast!


posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Sounds like he is having a fun packed intro to the world and it also sounds like he is ACE!
Glad you are having a nice time with him now the feeding stuff is sorted. Very happy

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Krista - with regards to the BF i'm not noo! Embarassed I didn;t get the support i needed again and on day 3 i threw my toys out of the pram and said eonough was enough. Apparently Gabriel was latching on text book but i was bleeding and so sore that i was dreading the next feed and which boob would cope. I'm much happier now though adn feel i;ve made a good decision. I'm upset i couldn't carry on anymore, but i was told there was nothing else they could do to help, my nipple was being crushed against the hard pallet but they didn't know what else to advise. Suspect I cannot belive Sophie is 5 months now Shocked Shocked And i've uploaded piccies in the photo section of JP! Very happy Very happy

Lou, Georgie used to hug and kiss bump nearly 5 times a day, infact even after we brought Gabriel home she was still in the habit of coming and hugging bump and saying 'i love you bump' - then she laughed at herself as she realised he was no longer 'in there' Wink Wink Very happy

She is as proud as punch about her little brother, she even came home the day after he was born from my parents as she wanted to spend time with him rather than go to her first football match with my sister and her partner (and she'd been so excited about it all week). She loves holding him, kissing him and rubbing his hair - BUT we are having temper tantrums that things do not get done as quickly for her as usual (ie making her a drink if i'm feeding Gabe etc)

Hope your consultant appt goes well, i know what you mean about these dreams. I had one the night after we brought Gabriel home that he rockes his Moses basket over to the stairs in our bedroom and just as i walked in through the other door i had to run and catch the end of the basket before he went flying down the stairs. I woke up and sat staring at him for about an hour Shocked Embarassed

Love to you all xx

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Congratulations hun, sorry i havnt been on for a while so just realised your little bundle has arrived in the world. Glad all is going well.


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