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What a nightmare!

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
I have had an awful couple of days and it is getting even worse. Lolly was up thursaday night being sick, she is still being sick now on and off although she is now on the mend but last night when i went to bed Jake had been sick everywhere, completely covering himself and the bed. I sat up all night with him and then at 5am this morning Mike started with sickness and the runs. It's awful, Jake isn't even keeping milk down at the mo but has managed to keep so water down or i would be getting really concerned, Lolly hasn't eaten anything more than half a piece of toast since thur night and says she feels sick when she tries anything and all mike has had is water all day. My belly is also very wobbly and everyone is completely shattered. I am running out of clean clothes for the kids, the carpet has been covered about 10times today and i am struggling to find the energy to cope Crying
This is all because some selfish mother took their ill son (who according to her had a tummy bug) to mother and baby group on wednesday. That is the only place we went where Lolly could have picked something up and my friends LO (who was also there) is poorly now too. I wish i could get my hands on her, i don't think she realises how stupid she was, she could have spread it all over the place all because she didn't want to miss her gossip. There are tiny little babies that attend the group the youngest of which at the moment is 4weeks and if they caught a bug like this is could be very serious indeed. Ohhh i am soo mad (and exhausted!) I really need a hug right now! Xx

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
OMG hun Kiss I never liked to take izzy to mother and baby group when she had a cold let alone anything like that.. you wouldnt send your kid to school with a stomach bug its common sense..

next weeks gossip - "how every child was sick last week.." see how much she likes that as gossip...

hope you guys are better soon Flower

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Oh hun poor you Kiss Kiss

I once inadvertently gave a stomach bug to our friends and the in-laws as George came down with sickness but then it cleared up and we assumed he was fine...unfortunately not realising he'd passed it onto us and it must have been so contagious we passed it on without actually having any symptoms until a few days later! I would never have taken him any where though if we had realised, let alone to a group full of tots and young babies!!

I hope you all recover soon. xxxx

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Thanks guys. Well things still aren't any better, Lolly was sick again last night and again when i put her to bed tonight, even though she has been ok all day? She is starting to worry about going to bed she is almost making herself sick with the worry and stress of it (at least i think that's what it was tonight?) Jake has been terrible all day. Yesterday he wasn't so bad during the day but he was sick again at around 5am this morning and again at lunch time (ish) along with a very bad nappy this morning? He has been very quiet all day and almost drifting in and out of sleep the whole time? Although when he is awake he is responsive. It is really awful seeing him like it though. I feel like all of this has been going on for weeks now although it only really all started with lolly on friday (early hours). I have changed the beds, washed the carpets, cleaned the buggy's (Jake managed to completely destroy his bed the 1st time, so i have had to wash the mattress, which is still drying and therefor he has had to sleep in his buggy or pram for two nights) washed untold babygrows, vests etc. and i still can't see an end in sight! Crying Xx

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Has your doctor mentioned anything about anti sickness tablets? They would probably help especially if Lolly is becoming scared about going to bed, if not why don't you let them both sleep in your bed?
I hope you are all feeling better soon

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Thanks Samuel. No GP hasn't said anything about tablets. He just said there is nothing he can do with a bug like this and we just need to ride it through unless one of them is struggling to even keep water down and getting dehydrated. It seems so strange how it started with Jake on Sat night/sun morning and he didn't seem to bad until today though? Thanks for the good thoughts though. I am praying everything will be back to normal again soon before i go completely insane! Shocked Xx

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Kiss I hope it is starting to ease up for you all now.Tummy bug;s are the worst as they take a while to hit the worst point and it feels like ages when you have one i really feel for ya hun.
I cant believe that woman would bring her child ANYWHERE not being well, let alone a place where there are lots of children and pregnant woman!!I swear some people dont have any common sense!!! Tounge Out

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