From last Monday, 1 of the girls in Gemma's class was off with chicken pox and it's possible that Gem may have caught it- although she's not actually been poorly she has been scratching a bit. I have read up on it online and think that I should be OK as I had it as a child (34 weeks+4 days pregnant so should be OK with bubs too) I am wondering if this means I would have to avoid going to hospital over next couple of weeks just in case? I am seeing doc later with Gem, and am going to ask for a blood test for myself as I am due to be seeing the consultant a week friday to discuss mode of delivery.

If you are immune, would you still have to avoid hospitals just in case? It said online that it is rare to catch it again after you have it once but Gemma's dad had it 3 times!

Anyone else had this dilemma?

Lou x