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worrying baby rash advice needed

posted 8 years 9 months ago
Hi all

hope you can help. my son (6 months) has developed a rash on his torso, back, face and nappy area. could this be due to him teething as has been bad with it over the past few days, or do i get him to the docs tomorrow when back open. the rash does disappear when pressure applied. i have tried to keep him cool in case it is a heat rash but doesnt seems to be fading and it is getting worse on his face (cheeks and forehead) Shrug Sad

posted 8 years 9 months ago
I can't give spot on advice hun - as you are aware, but Georgie had a smilar rash several times at teething age... Call NHS Direct if he develops any other symptoms along with it.

I've just noticed you are pg again - CONGRATS!!!! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

posted 8 years 9 months ago
Thanks hun, i have been keeping an eye on his temp, thats fine and he is taking his food as normal. so will keep en eye out for anything else. thanks for the congrats a bit of a shock so soon but at least i will get it over and done with instead of settling in then having to do it again in a few years time Very Happy

posted 8 years 9 months ago
Hi hun, Jake had something similar at about the same age and again recently. He was fine in every way apart from the rash (but had a slight cold previous to it, which had cleared up) i rang NHS Direct and they asked me a series of questions but determined it was almost definitely a viral rash which apparently comes out when the virus is on the way out of the childs system (perhaps the cold in Jakes case?) anyhow he was fine but the rash was there for a few days. I was told if he developed any other symptoms to go to GP's or straight to A&E if really worried. I was told not to bother going to the GP's otherwise as all he would say is it is a virus and he wouldn't be able to determine which virus or have any treatment for it anyway? I would say keep a close eye and anything that doesn't seem right with him other than the rash go and get him looked at! Xx

posted 8 years 8 months ago
Can it be any allergy?? Confused

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