Hello everyone,
I am a medical student in my second year, and am currently doing a project on pregnancy where we have to explore a health issue of our choosing and talk to women about their experiences of having it, including exploring resources such as internet ones like these to see how people deal with their health problems.
I have decided to focus on SPD, and was wondering if any of you could share your views?

1. When did you first experience SPD pain (both whether it was your first pregnancy or not, and around when in the pregnancy)?

2. How disabling was it, did you have to take maternity leave earlier, did it make you less able to carry out your daily routine etc?

3. What was suggested to you by health professionals?

4. Did you do anything that was suggested- whether home exercises, physiotherapy- anything!

5. What was your main portal of info, did you use alot of resources before visiting the doctor, such as forums like these or other websites/ newspaper articles / magazine article (or are you sceptical of these?)

6. How quickly did it clear up after the pregnancy?

Any information whatsoever would be greatly appreciated, thank-you!