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It's really paying off

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
For the last few weeks we have been shopping around at various places and it's really made a difference to our shopping budget. Very happy

Firstly we visit aldi and take up their offer of their weekly super 5 (different fruit and veg)

This week it was Large Oranges, Plums, Seedless Red Grapes, Gala Apples, and New Potatoes. We've been buying them for a few months now but the quality has been amazing. Lasting alot longer than what we usually get from other supermarkets. We also got celery, cherry tomoatoes, extra light bacon, kidney beans, as far cheaper than anywhere else we buy.

We get our eggs from a local farm £1.40 for a dozen (and she always gived us a blue egg and two small pullet eggs free for DD)

Farmfoods, we get DD a couple pf pizzas for the freezer, 10 packs of mini cheddars for £1 and we buy the One milk for £1 for 4 litres, we pay about £1.38 in Morrisons usually.

All we get from Morrisons now is yoghurts, tinned tomatoes,Cheese, butter, bread (if farmfoods have none) and coffee / tea, washing powder and cold meats it's saving us so much money.

Then on to the butchers for the weeks meat. this week we got 4 BIG Pork Chops, 2 Minted Lamb Steaks (had them for tea last night delicious), 3 Huge double chicken Breasts, 900g very lean minced steak, 12 lincolnshire pork sausages, 2 Sirloin Steaks, for £20 Very happy

It's really wrking at the moment and not even taking us aslong as trawling around morrisons.

Luckliy we have a good herb garden here and in Summer we will hopefully have loads of fruit. We already have established rhubar which should be ready soon. The strawberries and raspberries will be gorgeous adn then we have various apple, pear, plu, nectarine and cherry trees...mmm

OOoh and grape vines at the end of the garden.

All we need now is to get the greenhouse going, and a little veggie patch and some hens... Very happy

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
I've started shopping around too.

I go to Morrisons for most fresh things as our Aldi isn't fantastic and I personally found it no cheaper for other things. I get 10% discount at Morrisons anyway.

I go to Farmfoods every couple of weeks and get most of my meat and veg and some tinned and jars. Also get our crisps from there and our toilet rolls.

We've just had a B&M bargains open near us and it has really cheap toiletries so I'm going there now.

I have found my food bill has rocketed so I had to start cutting back and shopping around. I get Morrisons Value now on alot of things.

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