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Yesterday's Panic

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
After finding out 5 days ago that I'm pregnant, I've been on ternder-hooks since, just waiting for things to go wrong. My previous two m/c were very early ones (a day or so after my period would've started), so I haven't been feeling particularly positive. Sad Face
My first sign that I'm pregnant has been sore/fuller boobs, but yesterday when I woke up there was absolutely no tenderness at all and I just didn't feel pregnant. Sad Face I was trying to get onto this website all day (looking for some reassurance), but for some reason, my computer wouldn't follow the link. I didn't have any pain or bleeding. Anything I did read elsewhere was moslty negative stuff, talking about m/c when symptoms disappear.
Fortunately the soreness came back during the day (after I'd spent time poking, squeezing and prodding my poor bosoms).
Does anyone else have symptoms that come and go? Suspect

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Hiya Honey,

I too have had two early miscarraiges and also twins at 14 weeks.

With Georgia-Mae i bled early on and was sent for a scan to confirm my pg. I was on the injection and only found out i was pg as had strated bleeding and had the scan. Otherwise i would of been none the wiser, as had no other symptoms other than period pains and quite severe backache.

This pg (of which i am now 37+4) my symptoms were the same and i did not get them everyday. I didn't get any other symptoms until about 10 weeks.

Try not to worry i now it is very hard not too, huge hugs Kiss and hope you are okay! xxx

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
och hen i ken its easy for me to say but please dont panic or worry.

this is my first pregnancy, am 20weeks and 3 days, when i found out i was pregnant on the monday i had alittle blood on the wednesday and was totally Angry myself. I hadnt been to the doctors to have it confirmed.

Am the same as you hen i dont feel pregnant either the only time i feel it is when i go for a scan.... Neutral am one of those people who believe's somethings when they see it... Sad Face

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Early on in my pregnancy I had re-appearing / disappearing symptoms. Sometimes the boobs were tender and other times they might as well have fallen off as I had no sensation in them.
Also the same now actually.... so maybe it is one of those things.
Easy for me to say it but try and take it easy and calm and see what happens. I know it must be super hard for you but the symptoms are different for everyone and every pregnancy.....
Good luck chuck! Very happy

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Hi i think everyone at some point goes through this in there pregnancy, we cant see it or feel it so its hard to believe sometimes and when its so precious and wanted it makes you think it will just dissappear, hopefully evrything will progress just fine for you, if your anything like what i was with my first pregnancy i did i dont know how many tests just to keep checking i was pregnant, this time round although i had my niggling doubts i avoided the tonnes of tests, im getting lots of movement now so that reassures me everyday.


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