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Wahey! I'm starting to show!

posted 9 years 10 months ago
Hello everyone, I am very excited as I have started to show! Very Happy I am 14 weeks today. I don't look pregnant to anyone who doesn't know but I am definitely changing shape according to my friends and family.
How soon after you start to show do you think a stranger would see that you are pregnant? I am quite slim so the weight is definitely on my tummmy.
I haven't told my customers yet (work), and it will affect them. How soon do you think I might need to let them know before they guess anyway?
When will I need maternity clothes? This is all so new, I feel like a complete dimwit! Smile I did buy a couple of belly bands today.

posted 9 years 10 months ago
Charlotte I stated to show at 5 months but my bum didn't really show properly until I was about 7 months

George on the other hand, I was in Sainsbury's and a lady asked if I had long to go. When I replied 5 months she was shocked LOL, I was huge very early on, but then had a very nice size and shape too.

posted 9 years 10 months ago
Great news! Clapping Isn't it lovely when you have a bit of a bump Thumbs Up

When you tell people is up to you. I waited this time until after my 12 week scan but that was because of a MC the year before.

I went into maternity clothes really quickly this time (2nd baby) and had quite a bump almost immediately. My jeans were certainly all too tight by 12 weeks Clapping You can buy some lovely maternity wear but it might be wise to wait a little while as I found that my boobs expanded by 3 sizes in cup and 1 size around so I had already bought one lot of clothes that looked a little 'snug' by the 3rd trimester Whistling

posted 9 years 10 months ago
with casey (1st) i told work straight away as i was heavy lifting, saying that our area manager didnt notice till 6weeks bfore i left. i didnt wear any maternity clothes, i just wore clothes a size bigger and trousers with elastic waists, i wore them under my bump tho.

with hayden i had some maternity clothes from about 4-5 months. although with tops i still just got things in a bigger size as theyre cheaper.

posted 9 years 10 months ago
fantastic hen Clapping Clapping

am a big lass so you wont be able to tell with me yet or if at all. although a lass at my work said to me yesterday that she can see that am starting to fill out abit now.

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