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Faint Blue Line ....

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Over the past few days I've been getting headaches, tender boobs, on/off nausea, and for the past two days I've had to take a nap during the day (most unlike me) as I've been soooo tired. My little boy has been ill last week, so I thought that maybe I was catching whatever he's had (would explain nausea/tiredness).... or that I've been horse-riding alot recently (would explain sore boobs - sore chest muscles?). So yesterday I bought two preg tests ... this morning I did the first test and I got a faint positive! Very happy My period's not due til Wednesday so I've decided to do the second test on Wednesday morning. As I miscarried with two pregnancies very early on in 2007, I'm not taking any chances this time, so I've booked myself in at the docs tomorrow morning, and hopefully he'll get a 6 week scan organised. Smile
I'm really really happy Very happy but also really really worried. Unsure

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Hi, I just read your post from a few weeks ago about how you were feeling down (I guess the is the same person as same username) and now after today I bet you are chuffed! I have 2 children and trying to conceive baby number 3. I became addicted to taking pregnancy tests and would often sit there staring at the test strip telling myself there was a faint line there (when in fact there wasnt!)

I conceived my first the same month as coming off the pill. My second took 5 months but had a c section forst time and that can slow things down I am told. Have been off the pill for 3 weeks, ovulated a week ago as was doing ovulation tests and am feeling achy again, very much like a period pain. As I dont know how long my cycle is as this is forst month off pill, dont really know when to test but thinking next Mon as that would be a 27 day cycle. I have read lots on here that say there more pregnancies you have had, the more sensitive you can be to symptoms so I am hoping that means a BFP is coming my way soon! Good luck for that other tet, but it sounds to me like you have another little one on the way, congrats x Very happy Very happy

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Well, I couldn't wait until Wednesday (tomorrow) to take another test, so I did the 2nd one from the pack this morning, and I got a very clear BFP!! Very happy It was much clearer than the faint one yesterday, so now I am completely convinced! Smile
I also just wanted to add that this has happened whilst we've been waiting for our appointment at the fertility clinic to come through! Halo
Sending lots of baby dust your way if your're on your 2 week wait - the longest wait EVER!!!! Kiss

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