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what bed clothes?

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
I'm sorting out moses basket / cot etc at the moment but I have heard " no loose covers".
At what stages do you use different bed coverings? When do you use the sleeping bags / blankets / swaddling things?

When do you move the baby from moses basket to cot?

Aargh! So confusing!
thanks! xxx

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Ok,time you move your baby from moses basket to cot is when they out grow the moses basket so this depends on how long they are, it could be 3-5 months.
The grow bag/sleeping bags you can get for different ages but they are not so much for new borns. They are a good thing to have as your baby gets bigger and figits, as lots of babies kick their covers off and get cold but they can't kick the gro bag off!!
It's better to have lots of thin layers you can add or take away for a new born, so nice little cotton cellular blankets are good.Rather than a thick quilt which is no safe for a new born.

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
As has been said, go for layers. You can certainly tuck them in tightly in a moses basket. Sophie has a growbag but I've not used it yet as she was far too small for it even though it says from birth. I tend to opt for cotton sheets and cellular blankets too Very happy

If you're getting a moses basket, have a think about buying a separate, better mattress. The mattress that came with ours was very thin and went all saggy in the middle quite quickly. We opted for the 'top of the range' moses basket one from Mothercare which cost about £25 but is layered like a proper cot mattress with the breathable bit zipped on. It's much firmer and feels more comfortable to the touch.

Sophie is 4 months today (wow, just realised that! Very happy ) and she's probably got another month or so in her moses basket before she outgrows it.

Good luck hun Kiss

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