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Haha can't wait to shop

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
So I forbade myself from buying anything until I reached the half way 20 week mark, but that is this friday Very happy I got rid of all my baby clothes as I wasn't planning on having any more until recently; and so need to go out and get vests and body suits again, plus sicky blankets and lots of other bits. Week saturday is our local NCT sale and I'm going with my friend who is very excited as she found out on Valentine's day that she is expecting her third aswell Very happy
I'm getting my nesting instinct now and want to buy things I need and tidy up at home. I'm over that horrifically tired stage and my skin seems to have cleared up so maybe I will get that 'glow' soon that everyone talks about-I never got it with my other two!! Or maybe I'm just feeling more rested because it's half term and come next week back to the usual routine I'll be cranky again Cuckoo

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
I loved shopping for Sophie. It's just magical buying all those little bits and pieces. I loved the little outfits and must admit that although I thought I'd primarily keep her in babygrows and not 'waste money on outfits that will last a week' I soon changed my mind Love

Have fun hun Kiss Kiss

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Aww, i bet you can't wait! - I can't believe you are at 20weeks already Shocked

I loved the buying bit too. Although i didn't know what i was having with either of mine so it was white all the way with Lauren. I didn't need as many before Jake as i had the white things from Lolly. I still managed to buy a fair bit though! The first thing i did after having Jake was to send mike out on a shopping trip for blue babygrows as until then everything had been pink! lol. There are some lovely bits around at the moment. I keep seeing things i like and thinking 'hmmmm, i could cope with another one'! lol. Think mike may have something to say about that though!

I hope you have a fab time hun, you will have to let us know what bargains you pick up!!

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