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TTC after miscarriage

posted 1 decade 7 months ago
Hi, Im back in the TTC forum having recently discovered we have suffered a missed miscarriage Sad Face

Its been a pretty tough few weeks but we are stronger than ever so hoping to get back to TTC soon.

Ive started charting my temps again although Im worried Im starting charting too soon as my cycle will look abnormally long. Anyone got any advice on this ?

J x

posted 1 decade 7 months ago
ive had an m/c a couple of months before i fell pregnant with my daughter (who wasnt planned) so i couldnt really advise you about charts etc as i never did any of that.

they say when you given birth your at your most fertile for 6 months and doctors recommended to my mum to not try again for X ammount of weeks when she had m/c's but the doctors never advised me of any of that and if they did i was too distraught to take it in.

unless someone else here can give you better advise id recommend speaking to your gp and seeing what they advise you to do.

posted 1 decade 7 months ago
I'm sorry i don't have any advice for you hun but i just wanted to say i am really sorry to hear of your sad loss Sad Face . especially as it was something you were so worried about happening! I really hope you manage to conceive again and have a great pregnancy next time. I do agree with Ellee that asking your GP is probably the best course of action hun! Xx

posted 1 year 10 months ago
I'm really sorry to hear that! I hope things work out just fine this time. You should talk to your doc. I'd, however, like to further advise to see an expert instead. Doc may not be able to tell you all. Expert's opinion may give you more info about your last MCs and that how you should get around being successful this time. Best of luck!

posted 1 year 9 months ago
Hello Jbrad, how do you do? Welcome here. I wish you can be helped in any possible way. Did you consulted any doctor? what did they diagnose? I wonder why did you even stopped TTC? You can do it as many times as you want. If your TTC isn’t working since a long time then what are you waiting for? You must go for infertility treatments. IVF will suit you the best. IUI is also the option. Please step towards the treatments. You must not lose your hope. My prayers are with you. I wish you all the best. Take good care of your diet and health.

posted 1 year 9 months ago
Hi Dear,
I know losing pregnancy could be frustrating and stressful. However, you need to remember that you are not the only one. It happens to one person out of five pregnant women you see. Typically, most pregnancies get miscarried in the first three months. There are much more that happens in the second and the third trimester. So, you need to remain strong and move on. After all, there are cases where miscarriage takes place just to remove a deformed fetus. You can imagine what would happen if you carried the pregnancy only to spend most of your time in a good facility. It would be stressful, isn’t it? So God has a purpose for everything. All you can do now is to continue praying and forge on. Also, I would like to bring tour attention the fact that 15 % of women who are under 35 years miscarry. This rate increases as the woman reach 45 years and become prevalent once she hits 50. So take heart my dear and embark on TTC. The good thing is that you can conceive 2 months after you miscarry. However, this should be discouraged because the body has not yet recovered. It takes 3- 4 months for a human body to recover fully. After 4 months, it is ready to conceive and carry the pregnancy to full term. So all that you can do at this moment is to focus on a balanced diet and exercise. However, don’t over exercise because it can impact negatively on your plans.

posted 1 year 7 months ago
Hello jbrad
Although no one can predict how your body will behave, it is my opinion that you should have waited before you started TTC. Normally, a miscarriage leaves one feeling too low. No wonder that some people will embark on TTC almost immediately just to fill the void. It is also one of the ways that women use to help cope with the situation. It is true that there is no right time for TTC and that it is always a personal decision. However, there are a few things that scientists agree on. First, you must be emotionally ready to carry a baby. Healthcare providers’ advice that you wait till you regain your menstrual cycle. However, each doctor will base their advice on your unique situation. According to one of the research published in the medical journal, it was found that conceiving within six months after miscarrying offers the best chance of pregnancy. This study compared women who conceived within six months and found that they had the best reproductive outcome and reduced rate of complications. They argue that six months is enough time to help the body recover. Typically, women who miscarry a chemical pregnancy may take as little as two weeks to ovulate. However, if they miscarry later in pregnancy, it may take a little longer for the menstrual cycle to return to normal. To help you initiate your chances of healthy pregnancy, it is important that you stop smoking or taking alcohol and reduce the amount of caffeine you intake. It is also advisable to have plenty of rest.

posted 1 year 7 months ago
Hi dear. I am really sorry for your condition. What can we do. It's all part of life. Try to support your husband as well. Don't worry try to talk to your husband as well. You can go for other treatments. Meanwhile don't stop TTC. Best of luck.

posted 10 months 3 weeks ago
I know how you feel, dear. I went through it last week. It was devastating. I am so angry all the time… And feel so sad. People say ‘let it go’ or ‘it will eventually happen, don’t overthink’. My response to them is if you been TTC as long as we have you'll be devastated too. Everyone deals with grief differently. If you want to cry go ahead and do that. Don't let it bottled up! Let it out because trust me it’ll help. No one knows exactly what you go through. Listen to yourself, but not other people. Only you know how you feel and what you need. No one can tell you there will be other times. Trust me I had to curse a few people out because of their stupid comments like that.

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