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due today yay !

posted 9 years 11 months ago
hi all well im due today its so exiting it could be any time LOL.
i was just wondering how people felt not long before going into labour. iv not been able to walk very well at all since saturday i have so much pressure on my pubic bone feels like some one has kicked me down there and iv been getting lower back pain since yesterday afternoon and also had braxton hicks last nite they was every 10 mins for about 4 hrs. do you think it could be real soon for me. i also yesterday had a tiny bit of blood on my pad yesterday twice not alot atall i wouldnt of noticed it if i didnt look hard anoth.
getting really exited now want to meet my little man Clapping xx

posted 9 years 11 months ago
How exciting hun Clapping Clapping

I got occasional braxton hicks but they never resulted in anything - only got them a couple of times and like you, about 10 mins apart lasting for quite a few hours but then they disappeared. That was a bit earlier on though.

I was induced with Sophie and was very excited on my EDD as that's when it all happened. I certainly was tired near the end and everything ached.

Looking forward to hearing that you've had your little 'un Hug

posted 9 years 11 months ago
I didn't go into labour with my boy and girl as they were both emergency c-sections, but am hoping to get a go of it this time! Sounds like you won't have long to wait tho! Fingers crossed for you Hun Hug

Baby will be here soon! Baby

Lou x

posted 9 years 11 months ago
All good signs, but don't stress too much if it's still a few days as these little'uns seem to have a mind of their own about when they arrive. If you want to help things along I'd say keep as active as you can. I know it's not easy when you have all the 'pressure' down below you've said about but some gentle walking and tilting your pelvis to shift the baby out of it's current position will help.
Not long now "mummy" Baby

posted 9 years 11 months ago
yeah due date yesterday. Cannie wait for the good news thread like Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

cannie wait till we hear mum and babys fine Baby

posted 9 years 11 months ago
Have my fingers crossed it will all happen for you very soon hun, there have definitely been some enocouraging signs - maybe you are in labour right now! Thumbs Up
Let us know when you can hun! Xx

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