I refer to link...


Could be used and linked with birth trauma.

"Those recovering from a traumatic event - such as a school shooting or a major crash - are at risk of severe psychological harm.

The main risk is that they will suffer post-traumatic stress disorder, which can lead to painful memories striking the victims at any time."

"The syndrome is a disturbing psychological condition where people relive painful memories against their will." - i always do this with nightmares

"This leads to feelings of isolation and a sense of losing control - patients sometimes turn to alcohol or other drugs as they attempt to get rid of the memories" Have done that b4 n all

"The memories can be triggered by the slightest detail reminiscent of the original traumatic event." -- same Sad Face

i cant read anymore its too much Sad Face thought i should post links for other women to read in case ur birth was traumatic too.

so scary that ppl kno whats happenin to you, scary![/code]