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Whats your poison??

AlexAlex Moderator
posted 9 years 3 weeks ago
What do you like to wear (perfume/aftershave)

I am wearing Kate Moss at the moment but I also like the CK in2U and cerutti 1881 Very Happy

posted 9 years 2 weeks ago
I love Marc Jacob's Daisy, and DKNY Red Delicious

posted 9 years 2 weeks ago
issy miyake (sorry if mispelt )

posted 9 years 2 weeks ago
- My blog
Charlie red or adidas

posted 9 years 2 weeks ago
My fave is probably Gucci Rush 2 or Vera Wang

posted 9 years 2 weeks ago
ooo armani white/red.. davidoff cool water.. paul smith.. versace red jeans.. dior pure poison.. just name but a few from my job working up airport ive picked up expensive tastes from discounted duty free and spending any spare time between flights in the duty free playing with purfumes.. not a good thing for a single mum Smile

posted 9 years 2 weeks ago
Samsara,amarage,issy miyaki these are just a few!!!

posted 9 years 2 weeks ago
Erm...tbh I can't really afford perfume, so usually its cheap body spray or cheap perfume. I usually use Ghost Serenity which is about as expensive as I get Embarassed

My mum uses Coco Channel and it smells divine!!! I once went shopping with her and she needed a small bottle to put her on until she went on her holidays, and I nearly choked when the lady put it through the till LOL!

posted 9 years 1 week ago
My faves are Dolce Vita, CDior, and 5th ave, Elizabeth Arden.

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