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woman jailed for incest!

posted 1 decade 9 months ago
i read this and was shocked how could any mother do that to her children and cos she's a women only get the sentance she got instead of what she would of got if she been a bloke!! its sick!!

posted 1 decade 9 months ago
Angry up woman!! Why didn't she just let someone take her kids to help them and get help for herself, or just wallow in her own sick misery by herself if she didn't want help!!!??? How could someone put their kids through that especially when offered help??!!

posted 1 decade 9 months ago
Last edited by mum2popsnjak 1 decade 9 months ago
OMFG Very happy Thismade me soooooo Angry mad!!!! Why on earth is it that she is not treated the same as a man would have been? She has ruined those poor chidrens lives - i just hope they can get over or at least put what she did to them behind them and make a good life for themselves? aaaaarrrggggghhhh, what is going on with the world??? Just so sick!!

posted 1 decade 9 months ago
i think its wrong why she gets a max of 7 yrs and yet if a bloke done that he would get life (not that life is life anymore!) is she even gunna get put of the sex offenders register she should do she had forced sex with a minor!!

posted 1 decade 9 months ago
omfg my blood run cold with this sorry but the catholic church has covered far to much up in the past them poor kids Crying

posted 1 decade 9 months ago
Eww that is sick. How can you do that to your own children. Some ppl should not have kids.

posted 1 decade 9 months ago
You've all said it for me but god that is so awful

posted 1 decade 9 months ago
omfg Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry

posted 1 decade 9 months ago
Just to let you know that legislation in Engalnd and Wales is much different to Ireland and recently it was changed to make it easier for women to be convicted of rape. (It also extended the definition of rape to include more acts that donw include a willy so that men can;t get away with stuff either just because they kept it in their pants!) Which is what leads to the life sentence in the UK.
It is horrid but we can only hope that the victims get all the help they need now and are not left to rot or replicate - which is sadly so often the case.

posted 1 decade 8 months ago
OMG that is Censored sick, how could anyone be like that she should be rotting in jail for life !

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