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Pneumonia injection!!!

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
I had a letter through two days ago asking for Joshua to go to our doctors surgery for a pneumonia jab, I was hesitant as I thought he was a bit young as he is only five but hey told me because he has asthma he really needed it. Of course trying to be a responsible mother I explained what needed to happen to him an then sat for a good half an hour then reassuring him because he bald his eyes out. I took him in the afternoon and liturally had to restrain him while she put the injection into his arm,he cried so hard that it nearly broke my heart and I felt really guilty.After getting home he was really quiet which for a Child with hyperactivity is nearly unheard of.I gave him plenty of fluids and calpol but in the evening then he broke into a fever and complained that he ached all over and his arm really hurt,More calpol was given and we packed him off to bed, the next morning he was still complaining about his arm and was still really subdued, in fact I really had to do some shopping and he never mumrmerd once which if you have read my posting about goining out safley is just simply not heard of either. well we are now on thursday and Josh actually woke me crying this morning as he said his arm hurt so much and is still refusing to use it, I have rang the surgery and spoke to the nurse who is telling me it is normal, well if this is normal I really am regretting putting him through it, how will he ever trust me again when I need him to have an injection as there I was three days ago rocking him in my arms when he was scared and saying it will be ok, it will all be over in a flash and you wont even know it had been done after a short while.I feel like I totally lied to him.Has anyone else had to put there child through this as I found it totally horrific.

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
my daughter had an injection my son didnt, for the younger ones now, for the other men and some other things too. her reaction to that was pretty bad, he leg was bright red and swollen for days and all she did was sit or sleep for about 5 days.

Im personally all for jabs immunisations. I have seen what the illness's themselves can do to children not immunised, and i think the risk of having the jab outweighs the risk of the disease's themselves.

I totally feel for you, it is horrid, especially when your little one is ill because of your decision. If you are still concerned whip him down to a&e. To hell with anyone telling you its normal, if you feel concerned than get it looked at. you know your child better than anyone. i wouldnt care if i was wasting their time as long as i knew everything was ok and my mind was at rest.

Hope he perks up soon x Kiss

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
Poor little man. I dont really know much about this sort of jab (is it the same as the flu jab??) I think that for him to be completely out of sorts and still not able to use his arm after a couple of days may not be unusual but possibly worth getting checked out.

Hope he's feeling better soon

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
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awwwwwwwww poor thing. hope he feels better soon hun xx

none of my kids have had this

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
my child has this too as she has asthma my son who is also asthmatic doesnt need it yet though dont no y but never mind

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
Hey, there thanks for all the support, Josh is feeling much better but is still a bit tender in that area,I am so glad to see him happy again, even if it has ment me pulling out my hair cause he is tearing around again,( god slap me im never happy lol) well Im sure that now the whole incident has settled down and I am calmer, I think in my heart I know he needs this each year to protect him but I think I will request it in the leg next time, at least then he will have to move it and the affects such ware off quicker. once again thanks I knew I could rely on you guys to buck me up. xxxx kel Kiss Kiss

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