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What is your favorite Movie

posted 1 decade 8 months ago
Hi all..Smile
What is your favorite movie and what is the favorite genre?

posted 1 decade 7 months ago
I like all kinds. I don't know if I have a favourite, I have some that I like such as Forrest Gump, Schindler's list, Terminator, etc.

posted 1 decade 7 months ago
My favourite film is Train Spotting, purely because I cannot choose between all the starwars films.

posted 1 decade 7 months ago
One of a few up near the top has to be Gone in 60 Seconds. Fast cars, and Angelina Jolie. I mainly like action films or comedies.

posted 1 decade 7 months ago
I don't have a favourite movie as I don't watch movies really

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