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New and saying Hello!

posted 1 decade 5 days ago
Hi, hope everyone is well. I am new round here so forgive me if I am posting in the wrong place or anything. My OH and I have been TTC for a very short while, 11 days to be exact. I'm worried it is going to take ages because I have endo and have been on cerazette for three years. Had a lap recently though and have heard that that can increase chances of conception. Saw gynae yesterday and he says he doesn't see any reason why I should have problems but I am a natural born worrier unfortunately.

Anyway I hope to share this journey with you ladies and post here often.

Baby dust to you all.

H x x

posted 1 decade 5 days ago
Well hello there and welcome to JP Wave Good luck TTC hun. I really hope it is quicker than you are imagining, especially after what the gynae said! I am Mandy by the way, mummy to Lauren 3 and Jake almost 1. I'm sure we will speak again soon. I hope you enjoy it here at JP, everyone is lovely! Very Happy Xx

posted 1 decade 5 days ago
Hello and welcome to JP Wave I'm Krista, mum to Jasmine, 10 and Sophie, 12 weeks. Hope you are successful TTC. We are a great bunch and always here for any support you need Hug

posted 1 decade 5 days ago
- My blog
hello Wave and welcome to jp

im stacey and mum to three. jami (12) catherine (5) and ben (4)

good luck in TTC xxxxxx

posted 1 decade 3 days ago
Welcome!!! Im quite new here too and everyone is really helpful!!Im TTC too but having no luck unfortunately!! Im sure we'll speak soon. It's nice to realise that your not the only person going through the heartache every monthXX

posted 1 decade 2 days ago
Hey and welcome to JP Wave Am Elin and mum to Jack.

posted 1 decade 20 hours ago
im also quite new here as well! only been trying for a month! i think i have driven myself mad already with worry, that i might have problems! i have no reason to have any problems just my little brain working over time! i have been so hung up in TTC that it could take over my life! i'm just so excitted about it i can't help but think about it! this month i'm going to try not think about it so much tho! any ways good luck to you hun xxx

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