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Mum or Mummy?????

AlexAlex Moderator
posted 9 years 1 week ago
(Or Dad or Daddy?)

what do your children call you?

Joseph (5) calls me mummy but someone made a comment to me that they thought he was too old to call me that and I should be Mum now Sad I like being mummy, I know I can't be that for ever but at least for the forseeable future I would still like to be, he is my baby.

posted 9 years 1 week ago
im still mummy

he did go through a phase a while back of calling me mum and i hated it Twisted Evil

posted 9 years 1 week ago
izzy normally calls me mummy occasionally mum comes out when she not getting my attention and sometimes she calls me ellee and i turn around and tell her not to call me ellee im mummy not ellee to her and she stops and calls me mummy. my cousins little girl calls her by her first name alot of the time but i stop izzy dead and wont answer her until she calls me mummy or mum if she calls me ellee.

posted 9 years 1 week ago
Jas went from mummy to mum to mumma now. I think whatever they like is cool Cool There shouldn't be an age limit. I had a friend who was turned 30 who still called his parents mummy and pa and it kinda suited Very Happy

posted 9 years 1 week ago
We wanted our daughter to call us by our real names. But the grandparents HAD to have it their way. They said it was "disrespectful". I don't see how disrepectful it is if the parents don't mind.

But we are called everything mom, mommy, mama, mother. dad, daddy, father.

posted 9 years 1 week ago
Frank is Daddy and I'm Taddy (Tad means father in Welsh) with the boys, with Pippa we are both Doo, if Mike's wants our attention and he isn't getting anywhere he calls us by our first names, where as Jamie just calls us Pooey.

AlexAlex Moderator
posted 9 years 1 week ago

Samuel said:
Frank is Daddy and I'm Taddy (Tad means father in Welsh) with the boys,

I like that. Love

posted 9 years 1 week ago
- My blog
jami and catherine call me mum and ben still calls me mummy

posted 9 years 1 week ago
The younger two (5 & 6) both still say daddy. The eldest (11) usually uses dad in public but frequently uses daddy when at home.

posted 9 years 1 week ago
We both get called all sorts, it depends on Lolly's mood, LOL Rolling Eyes I am mum, mummy, mama etc. Mike is daddy more often than not, but sometimes dad, or dada (especially if she wants something!) I don't think mummy is a problem at all at Josephs age hun. I really wouldn't worry. Let him use whatever he is comfortable with. Lolly went through a stage of saying Mike instead of daddy, i think it was because she didn't understand why she couldn't as she heard everyone else saying Mike? We just ignored it and didn't make a big deal over it and she soon reverted back to Daddy. Jake still calls us mama and dada. Tbh he has very few words at only 11 1/2mths LOL Xx

posted 9 years 1 week ago
Vic also calles us both mummy/mum, daddy/dad i dont mind as i know it will change when he starts school.Like you Alex i love being called mummy Love

hapydazyhapydazy Moderator
posted 9 years 1 week ago
I'm mommy still most of the time and I want it that way for as long as possible Rolling Eyes Aaralyn calls me mom when she's "acting" and I'm the mom in the "movie" LOL... every once in a while I'm mama still Love

posted 9 years 1 week ago
my kids are 9 n 6 n still call me mummy LOL

posted 9 years 1 week ago
As far as I'm concerned my kids can call me mum or mummy whatever they feel comfortable with and they call me both. I wouldn't worry about the comments made to you kids aren't kids for long these days they'll decide when they feel too old to call you mummy

posted 9 years 6 days ago
I still call my Mum 'Mummy' sometimes (what a silly comment!)
Martha calls me Mum/Mummy still - have even been Mama (mamar) a couple of times!!!!!

posted 9 years 3 days ago
George uses either mum/mummy or dad/daddy. It doesn't worry us what he uses as we know we can't always be mummy & daddy and come later in the year he'll be at school and will probably use mum & dad more than anything.

posted 8 years 11 months ago
Georgia-Mae uses both mum and mummy, dad and daddy.

I personally prefer mummy atm Shrug but i am happy for her to call me whatever she feels comfortable with.

It's up to the parents and the little one what they want to be determined as - no one else!

posted 8 years 11 months ago
she calls me mum or mummy. I'm a grown up and when I'm talking to my sister we call ours mummy! Very Happy

posted 8 years 11 months ago
Mom or Mama for and Dad for DH Love

posted 8 years 11 months ago
i like mummy, let them call you that as long as you can! Wont last forever!

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