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I am miffed about my heating!

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
In our flat the thermostat is in the sitting room; and our sitting room has 2 BIG radiators. So when the heating clicks on the room warms up really quickly and the heating goes off again. The trouble is that the bedrooms, particularly our room, stays cold as they only have very small radiators which do not heat the room and by the time the hot water gets to the pipes there the heating has clicked off again in the HOT sitting room. This means that every night I dread going into my cold bedroom, but to get it really warm I'd have to turn the heating up so high that A-the sitting room would be too hot to stand and B- it would be a waste of money having the heating on that much.

I've also just been scrubbing all around my bedroom window where it had some mould coming from all the condensation because it's too cold to open the window and air it, but the room is never warm enough to dry it out. ~We get the same porblem in the bathroom as there is only a tiny radiator which the heat rarely gets to befor eit clicks off in the sitting room, and being in the middle of the flat there is no window to open to air it so the room is so damp after showering etc. Around the bath we've had to dig out the dirt and re-grout it but it's just getting stained again-and wont wash off because it's damp. Our housing association have provided adaquate heating etc so there is nothing for them to do about it but can anyone recommend something to lessen the damp problem?

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Not sure about the damp problem, only thing I could suggest is a dehumidifier, but they're around £100+ from a DIY shop.

Have you tried turning down the radiators or even turning one of them off in the lounge so that it doesn't heat up so quickly whilst giving the other rooms a chance to get warm?

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
What about space heaters? There are some really safe ones out there now that claim to be energy saving also... the dry heat from the space heaters may also help dehumidify the air?

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
How about using the clock on your thermostat so even if it is warm in teh living room the heating remains on until the time is over, you should contact the housing association informing them that thermostats should never be in a room with a radiator.

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