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TTC!! again and again and again

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Happy new year to u all!!! I am having some trouble determining when I am ovulating, going purely on my cervical mucus. My period came on 16th Dec, and I think I ovulated(as I had lots of watery discharge SORRY TMI) around 31st Dec. My period is due on tues 13th but the past couple of days I have had lots of the same watery discharge???? Can u ovulate twice in 1 month?? Is it only approx 14 days before ur period(Ihave a 28 day cycle)? I no I should buy the ov sticks but I was trying to save the expense to b honest. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. ThanksXXX

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
They say about 14 days before your period starts yep, but if you are not certain just have lots of sex all the time. I recon if you had sex atleast every 2/3 days throughout your cycle you'd be ok because sperm can live in the body for a little while so just keep topping up!!!

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
I did/do natural family planning so hope I can help you here.

The mucus gets clear and very 'stringy' when you are most fertile. If you can stretch it between your fingers without it breaking for about 1/2 - 1 inch, that's about the most fertile time. Generally, as GTTKel says, about 14 days before your next period (if you are on a 28 day cycle) is when you ovulate so sex from the minute your period ends until just after 14 days is the ideal time.

You could also try using an oral thermometer if you have one as your temperature will go up when you ovulate and if you fall pregnant, it stays up until the end of your cycle.

Good luck and keep us posted Very happy

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Hi !

My hubby and I have just had our first BFP after 2 months of charting my temperatures every morning at the same time and noting changes in cervical mucus (stringy, stretchy, egg white-y means most fertile!) Id been off the pill for a year previous and it seems we just werent timing it right (I honestly never imagined it would be so difficult to fall pg!!)

Its so easy if you use a website like fertilityfriend... i found out about it through, loads of the ladies in the forums on there have links to their charts and you can create your own account.

Your basal temperature is low before you ovulate and rises sharply the day you ovulate (usually 12-19 days after the start of your period). You can tell you have definately ovulated if you get 6 days of higher temperatures but fertilityfriend predicts it for you anyway. It drops again the day you are going to come on your period, but if it doesnt drop and stays high for 18 days or more, the likelihood is youre pg. It can drop if you are ill and can rise if you drink alcohol so try to avoid both! (Fertility Friend gives you a daily lesson in charting too sent by email to your inbox so you will find out more than Ive told you here!)

It worked me for, I couldnt have worked it all out just off my mucus, the temperatures say it all. Oral digital thermometor just a couple of quid from any pharmacy (got mine from asda)

Sorry for the long post ... Good luck ! Very happy
Julie x

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Thanks to all of you for your advice. I will def try charting my temp n c if that helps. Will keep u postedX

posted 6 years 4 months ago
Hello there, Happy new year to you too. The cycle of your period is ok what you've said is good and the ovulating thing you asked and its 14 days before your period than its fine because it's been said that about two weeks before it is ok. just do sex on regularly basis because its healthy and its very helpful though.

posted 6 years 4 months ago
Hey Jaylo! Well I cannot say anything for sure but watery discharge before your period can be the chances of your ovulation. It is still a guess or a 50 50 chance, so why don’t you get and ov stick and test it. Saving money in such things is not the right thing to do. If you want to have children then don’t think about such small expenses and go for everything that you can to have children. I hope the tests are positive.

posted 6 years 4 months ago
Hello! Hope you are doing well! I think I have some experience and information regarding ovulation that can we ovulate twice a month or not. the body may plan for ovulation more than once, and you can surely discharge at least two eggs in a similar ovulation process, you can't have more than one ripe period and one ovulation for every cycle. Traditionally, it has been suspected that ovulation happens just once in each feminine cycle. So, if you ovulate twice a month it's a time when you need to make sure to have an appointment with a doctor. And when it comes to your pregnancy and baby things, never think about money so it's better to buy the OV sticks dear.

posted 6 years 4 months ago
Hi, Don't need to worry about it. Its' a good thing that you are trying to conceive, Sometimes it happens that you don't see a clear line on the strip. There might be a possibility that you are pregnant but you are seeing a negative on a strip. It happens many times. You are saying that you are late in your period and that is also a sign of pregnancy. May be you are pregnant, but it is going to be more clear to you when the test became positive. Anyway you don't have to worry that much because it's just been 1 month for which you are trying and life's ahead. you are going to get allot of chances still. How many kids you want it's up to you but it's a good chance that it happens for you now. Don't worry, you don't have to be depressed or stressed at all. You still got allot of chances ahead.

posted 6 years 4 months ago
Hey Jaylo! I hope you are doing fine. Ovulating twice in a cycle is I think a rare case. If you want to get pregnant then buy the ov stick. Do not look at the expense. It is not that much expensive. Check if your water is a bit stretchy. When it releases, stretch it between your fingers. If it stretches for 1 o two inches then it is sure that you are ovulating. Another thing is to have sex the moment your period ends. The 14 days after the period are very important. You most ovulate in those days. It will be better if you have a proper checkup. All the best.

posted 6 years 4 months ago
Hello Jaylo! I hope you are doing great. I am very glad to help you out. Do not worry dear. Let everything run its course. Soon everything will be fine. Ovulation is a factor that cannot be known at its time of occurrence. A test can confirm your ovulation. It is not that much expensive. Do not waste the chance just for saving some money. So it is better to take a test. Still you do not want to have a test, then have sex after your period. I hope you will get pregnant. Stay blessed.

posted 6 years 4 months ago
Hi Jaylo! I hope you are fine. I am extremely sorry for your condition. Try not to stress dear. Let everything run its course. Before long there is no reason to worry. Ovulation is a factor that can't be known at its season of an event. A test can affirm your ovulation. It isn't that much costly. Try not to squander the shot only to save some cash. So it is smarter to take a test. Still, you would prefer not to have a test, at that point engage in sexual relations after your period. I trust you will get pregnant. Remain favored.

posted 6 years 4 months ago
Hello! Hope you are doing good. Well firstly don’t think about your finance chart when it comes your baby or pregnancy as nothing is more important than these two things. Anyhow, ovulating twice a month is something irregular and not normal. Have you consult any doctor yet? Ladies can ovulate more than once per month. And every one of the ladies analyzed by specialists at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Canada appeared no less than two rushes of developing eggs in their ovaries around the same time. Customarily, it has been suspected that ovulation happens just once in each feminine cycle cycle.During your window of ovulation, an egg is just accessible to be prepared for around 12-24 hours. Be that as it may, since sperm can live in the body for 3-5 days after sex, and the egg is accessible for one day, your most prolific time is thought to be around 5-7 days.

posted 6 years 4 months ago
I'll agree with Kristag here. I think her response is thorough. You'll notice your mucus getting stringy... that's when you are most fertile. I liked the suggestion Kristag made. In fact, I'm doing it now. Oh, gross! Stretch it between your fingers without it breaking for about 1/2 - 1 inch. That's the most fertile time. I believe it. If you have 28 days cycle, a general guess would be that 14 days before your next period is when you ovulate. A suggestion would be to have sex.
That is very important. I hope this will work. Good luck and keep us posted. Thinking of you!

posted 6 years 4 months ago
Just last week, I had my first BFP. Yay! Have been charting it for what seems like months now. The whole process is a pain. I tell you that. You need to stay strong, throughout. TTC sucks. Big time. My husband and I have been TTC for 4 years. It was 4 centuries for me. I almost got sick because of this. Every single time... there was no result. At one time, I had given up. It was my husband who stayed strong. He talked me into it back like 2 years ago. I jumped in just because he asked me to. And not because I wanted to. What different did I do this time around... I charted my periods. Like a statistician. I consulted my OB again and again. That's pretty much what I did... yeah! I suggest you the same. Don't give up and keep charting. Good luck!

posted 6 years 4 months ago
Ovulation cycle differs from one woman to another. However, as a lady, you can learn through experience and tell when you are ovulating. There are clear signs of ovulation which you can recognize and decide whether to have sex with your partner or not. If you are trying to conceive, having sex during this time enhances your chances of conceiving. Now back to your issue, let me start by saying that majority of women have a 28-day cycle. However, some of them have a 22-day cycle, and others have 36 and even 40 days cycle. However, the normal menstrual cycle lasts between 28 and 32 days. This means that ovulation can start any day between the 10 and the 19th day. This is about 12 to 16 days before your next periods. Typically, healthy women will ovulate one day before the onset of their next period. So it implies that people who have a 35 days cycle will ovulate on the 21st day those with a cycle of 21 days will ovulate on the 7th day. Notice that the timing of ovulation may vary from cycle to cycle, and it all depends on the woman in question. This is why it is important that you familiarise yourself with your body’s menstrual cycle before you can estimate your ovulation cycle. Unfortunately, some women have irregular ovulation cycle.Notice that women who take birth control pills regularly, or those who have reached menopause or those that are pregnant don’t ovulate.

posted 6 years 4 months ago
Hey dear

I am a mother of four kids so I guess I can help you.
You have to check your temperature regularly. Before you ovulate, your basal temperature is low. It will start rising immediately the day you ovulate. It’s roughly 2 weeks after the start of your menstrual cycle of the month. To be sure if you have ovulated or not, observe the temperature. If it is high for a week, it means that you have ovulated. But if the temperature stays high for more than two weeks, you are most probably pregnant. You should now definitely get an OV stick without worrying about the price and be sure about it Tounge Out.

Moreover, to be sure about the time you are most fertile, check your mucus. Your mucus gets clear and stringy at that time. Try stretching it between your fingers. The more stretchy it is, the more you will be sure about the most fertile time. Usually, it is 2 weeks before your period.

I hope this information helped. Good luck with everything

posted 6 years 2 months ago
Hey Jaylo! Happy New Year to you too! Your question regarding whether one can ovulate twice in month has a simple answer yes. In fact you can ovulate more than twice as well. It all depends on your hormones and as to how are they functioning. Sometimes you my ovulate twice because the eggs are being prepared to be released. Also, having more than normal amount of watery discharge is normal as well. Having it often it self is the sign of ovulation. Therefore, I think you should definitely get the OV stick test done. Other than that I think you should definitely consult your doctor. Tell him/her about your period length and ask him/her if it is normal. I am pretty sure there is nothing to worry about. A little advice as well! Inorder to track your ovulation and period date download any period app which can help you.

posted 6 years 2 months ago
Although it has taken some time, I feel it is important that we share the latest information we have. Studies have continued to show that it is possible for a woman to ovulate twice. In fact, this is the reason why the rhythm method of contraception has become so unreliable nowadays. The study at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada showed waves of maturing eggs in the ovaries in the same month. This is contrary to what has been known. It was believed that a woman would release one egg every month. And that ovulation takes place once in the menstrual cycle. Normally, a growing wave of 15 – 20 egg carrying cells referred to as follicles will occur before ovulation one of the follicle becomes dominant while the rest die off. Studies on 63 women aged between 18 and 40 over a period of six weeks showed that 50 of the women ovulated once but six of them ovulated twice. Seven of this women did not ovulate at all. So it informs us that a woman can ovulate more than twice per month. Also, it was discovered that some waves lead to ovulation while others do not. Scientists are now using the results of the study to understand the menstrual cycle and can carry out the better timing on in- vitro fertilization. From this study, a scientist is now able to explain why conception rate for non-identical twins is high. The reasoning is that more than one dominant follicle may be produced during a wave and that dual conception may arise as a result of two waves.

posted 6 years 2 months ago
Heyyya! I'm so sorry about your cancer. You must be very strong that you're dealing with it. Moreover, I'm so happy that you came here for an advice about it. Well, I haven't experienced it but my cousin does. She had Carbo and Caelyx for the 2nd line and found it much better than carbo/taxol. It is a four weekly infusion which seems to be so much better for recovery and 'normal life.' After the first session, she had a bad sickness. Since then she has been given different anti-sickness drugs and although she feels very nauseous for a few days she has been through. Most people say that carbo/ toxyl is better by calyx is much better. Well, I think you shouldn't get confused in this. Every person has a different methodology. Everyone has a different internal condition. It's not same for everyone. And your doctor knows about your condition the best. So follow his advice. If he's saying that you should have carbo/ toxyl chemo then he must have gone through your case. So don't get yourself confused over this okay? Keep yourself calm and just stay strong. I hope that this helped you. Stay happy and healthy.

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