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getting children diagnosed

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
hi i need some advice my son is nearly four and he is very difficult to control at the best of times it just seems u carnt reason with but he goes to nursery and they say they have no problems with him he has a younger daughter who is two i really most of all think his concentration his really bad like building bricks he will put three or four toghether put the second they fall down or come apart he just wants to pull all of them apart plus smash his sisters thing that she made plus there is absolutley no reasoning with him if u try to teach him something new he doesnt want to listern and do it the way he wants and he seem to think he can throw absolutley anthing we went to a freinds house and he was thowing a childrens shopping trollley a little girl who is only 1 year old then he was throwing toys at her pets he was in fits of laughter i picked him up and sat him in a corner but he was just rolling round and laughing his head of histerakly he was litterally so hyper there was no calming him this went on for a least half an hour he was runnning round like someone had set his bum on fire.

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
You first port of call for a diagnosis would be you GP. They will be able to refer you to more specialised doctors that will be able to help you. However be prepared for the long haul and nothing moves with any speed in the medical profession.

Also if there is something that you do not agree with when they are diagnosing or assessing you DS don't be afraid to speak up. You know him best as you spend more time with him then any doctor. Good luck!

AlexAlex Moderator
posted 1 decade 2 years ago
When you say the nursery have no problems with him do you mean in general ie concentration, achievemnet, socilaising skills, communication or with his behaviour?

posted 1 decade 2 years ago
yesturday i picked my son up from nursery yesturday he was behaving quite badly there but my son will be four in april so its hard proberley to deside weather this is a behavour and age thing he is goin though. in all of five minutes he cleared a table full of toys to the floor and he did throw a toy phone at a member of staff plus he took his biscuit of his younger sister and throw it on the floor but he laughs when he does these things could it be an age thing because i know hes does mean to hurt people i dont know im just stuck.he will be four in april there is a cert on one thing he has a short attention span and its difficult to teach him new things he was seen buy a speach thearpy person but because they said his speech was behind but he caught up they did notice he is allways happier to play on his own but thats because he doesnt like to be shown he has to do everything his way or not at all.

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
reading through this thread i would just make you aware that I knew there was a problem with Josh my son from around seven months as he would repeatedly bang his head usually by crawling to a wall and just hitting it repeatedly off a wall, I first got them to look at Josh when he was four, they did lots of assesments and observations but would not diognose untill he was six.Have you tried asking the nursery for an area senco to come and asses his needs as the nursery josh was with did this and he was given action plus status ready for when he went into school so they could access outside proffesionals if needed to give advice like the ED PSHYC,it will just highlight wether he needs that extra support? I do agree with the above though, nothing moves quick in the health services so hold in there, dont lose faith you are the best judge of your son so hold your ground and keep fighting cause it is a fight and you have to go through many rounds to win!! xx Kel

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