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posted 1 decade 5 years ago
i'm just wondering what your EDD is?

Hope you are feeling well!

B xx

AlexAlex Moderator
posted 1 decade 5 years ago
24th April

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Hi Becs,

Yeah, 24th April- I am 24 weeks tomorrow. Feeling ok but legs ache like hell during night as am constantly having to change which side I sleep on and end up knackering both legs before I even get out of bed Sad Face

How are you?

Lou xx

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Yep i know the achey leg feeling - luckily when i was about 20 weeks work found a fabulous pregnanacy suport pillow in lost property unused so they gave me it and it's been a godsend! Legs and back to still ache but it helps me get comfy!

I'm now 30 weeks and cannot believe there's just over 9 left! Shocked We had planned to put the cot up and start getting the nursery ready - however we've just had the horrendous news that our landlord needs/wants us out by the 31st of this month Shocked . This part in itself is illegal and they need to give us two months notice - but it's now rather complicated so we need to see what CAB say! Suspect

I've been in tears yesterday and this morning - however i'm trying to keep it together!

Mark took me out yesterday and we went bargain shopping for bump. I'm amazed what we got for £30. I got some absolute beauties in TK Maxx - got for £11 a bundle worth £72 Very happy (gorgeous sleeping bag, romper sets, blankets, babygro's ooh and 3 robot canvasses for nursery etc and they are adorable and all for £18). Got yet more babygro's in Next which were half price and then went to Matalan and picked up a few little outfits, blankets etc in there.

Have decided to change my choice on pram (i think) and have seen something much cheaper. I did WANT the Bebecar Ip Op in red...but it's £500 (for the puschair, carrycot, changing bag and raincover and that is at a reduced price) so i need to spend extra on an isofix base and cabrio car seat which is yet another £200 Shocked . So when we were in toys r us yesteray i saw the Silver cross 3d and loved it, thats' just under £300 and you get all the bits including footmuff whih i'd need to buy seperately with the Ip Op....all in all i could get it all for about £400 instead of £700. (but i still love the ip op Wink )

Anyway - glad to hear you are well hun!


posted 1 decade 5 years ago
I bought a body pillow when I was just past 3 months (seems like ages ago!) and it gets me comfy, but same as you- I still get achy legs/back. Starting to feel restricted with my breathing too. Hate this cold weather too as it seems to make it worse.

Sorry to hear about your problem with house, hope you can get it sorted soon- annoying when some people just won't do things the right way, the CAB are great help though.

Started shopping too, I am buying cotbed from a friend as her son is about to have a 'car' shaped bed- cot is solid pine with a storage drawer, she paid over £200 for it and is selling it to me for £50! Got crib already. I had my eye on a silvercross pram (beige one with a lush embroidered detail) that was £400 all in, but am now going for a graco travel system in Babies r us- the "I love my bear" set, which has been gradually been going down in price and currently stands at £242.32! The last graco model that was the same price is now down to £196 so I'm hanging on for the next reduction! I will probably get it then as don't want to be leaving that to last minute! Lovely pram though, got a warm fleece lining to keep bubs comfy, and little toys that hang down from canopy- bag and covers come with and the car seat is in 2 parts so the 'base' stays in the car.

Have more or less filled my hospital bag already, got 5 sleepsuits/8 bodysuits/blanket/sanitary stuff/lovely fluffy new dressing gown (can't wait to put it on!)/shower gel from the body shop and new herbal essences shampoo and conditioner/candles (doubt I'll get to use them but I live in hope!)- all I really want to get now is a nice pyjama set then I think I'll be done! Sounds like a lot I know but I am anticipating a c-section... fingers crossed though Smile

Hope you are feeling better, you'll be ok though. Kiss

Lou x

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