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Christmas a worry!

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
First and foremost I would like say a big hi to everyone on this forum as I'm new here.
Secondly,I was interested in knowing, how many of you are dreading this year's christmas? With the global credit crunch, I'm certainly in panick mode! Even tho Woolworths here in the UK have had a massive closing down sale, I still feel as if my kids will be disappointed with the lack of presents!
I'll just have to emphasise to them all what the true value of Christmas is and to be thankful that they've got a roof over their heads and dinner on the table!

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Hi there, and welcome to JP I'm Mandy, mum to Lauren almost 3 and Jake 11mths.

How old are your children hun? I know what you mean about worrying if what you have bought will be enough to keep them happy but it is amazing how good kids can be hun. The excitement of the day will win through and if they have a few presents to open (even small ones) they will usually be happy, they forget they had 335items on their list and are happy to rip the paper off and enjoy their day, eating too much and having fun. (Unless your children are at that awkward teenage age? That can be harder to please sometimes!)
I am lucky mine aren't at an age where peer pressure plays a part and although my 3 year old wants everything she sees i know she will be happy whatever she gets Very happy It is sooo hard not to worry you have the right things though. Make sure your christmas is a great fun day, play silly games, where silly hats, eat lots and generally enjoy yourself hun, i'm sure the kids will have a ball.
The credit crunch is so hard and i think most people are struggling at some level. I do try and save for christmas as much as i can through the year though so i have a set amount i know i can spend without having to use credit cards. Even this is getting harder to do though as everything keeps going up Sad Face (except the wages!) and it is getting harder to save, things are more expensive year on year and i seem to have less money saved to spend. We get there in the end though and always have a fab day whatever. I really hope your day goes well for you hun. Merry christmas and i'm sure we will speak again Kiss Xx

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