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sorry really exicited

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
sorry but am really exicited. i am meeting the midwife on monday the 29th december for the first time at 3pm.

When i had went to the doctors he said there was no point in him doing another test when i had done 5 already. he gave me floic acid tablets to take. he toke my blood pressure and weight and that was it. he didnt ask any questions in relation to medical history within my family or marks guessing that the midwife will ask all the questions in terms of medical history?? What kinda other things do they ask?? am just really curious.......sorry

sorry Halo

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Lol, it is very normal to be excited hun, we all know what it is like 1st time around (and 2nd too in my case Halo ) It vary's what they will do in each area at your booking in appointment (as sarah said in another post) however at mine, the modwife filled in my notes with my medical history. We had a chat about any questions i had. She gave me some freebies (1st time only) it is just some leaflets and a book that the government provides to 1st time mums. It covers conception-birth. She also took some blood to do a full blood count, in some areas they check all samples for HIV too (with the mothers permission) She also left me with a wee sample pot which i had to drop back to the surgery for a MSU (mid-stream unrine sample) this also gets sent to the hospital. Your normal samples will just be done at your normal meetings with the midwife. This information is then sent to the hospital so they 'book' you in, and they know how many mums are due around the same time as you and so scans etc can be arranged! You should get a letter at some point after your booking in with a date for your 12week scan (if you have them in your area?) some areas only do a 20wk anomaly scan. Hope this helps hun Xx

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Blimey my doctor didn't do anything - she just said "We have had a lot of pregnant women in today!" and that was it and packed me off to the midwife.
The midwife did all my checks and asked questions and then I passed out. HA HA!
I suffer from low blood pressure and she took blood, all of about 2 tablespoons, and I ended up lying on the floor of her room. Very happy
Anyway - I was excited about my first midwife appointment too and this is my first baby too so I am with you all the way.

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
mine just asked a little bit about the history but got more into detail the more appointments i had gone to. so usually by the 3rd she had all the history she needed. she took blood to make sure i was pregnant it's just more less reassurance for them too. asked me if i had any questions and explained what a midwife does. i had a doctor for my first child and decided to go with a midwife the second time around so she went through what would happen during a birth and stuff like that. more less just to get to know your history and get to know you as well. good luck with everything.

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
thanks girls for the comments Very happy

gives an insight to what i can expect Very happy

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