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Advice Needed Please :)

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Hello Everyone!.

Im very new to this, but needed some advice.
Me and my partner are trying to concieve, however we have only just started trying. I do have PCOS, so my periods are very rarely 28days. However they are usually 31-32 day's.
The first day of my last period was 2nd November 08. Therefor I should have come on 30th November - 6th December. On the 6th December we tried. The weekend of the 6th I got some slight cramping, but not as painful as my usuall period pains. I also got bloated as if i was going to come on, but i didnt. Now 11days later i still havn't come on. The last few days I have been feeling hormonal, and my boobs have become bigger, but not so much painfull. So i know this can be signs of both mestrual cycle and early pregnancy.
I have done one home test and this showed negative, but i have read that it would have been too early to show on test, as it was only 7days after unprotected sex. However i know its very rare to get pregnant so close to a due period/over due period. There is also slim chance i could be pregnant from previous month, because we were safe.

I just cant understand why I still havn't come on, Iv never missed a period before, so it could just be that. Im not overly stressing about it, because ill be happy either way, I would prefer the outcome to be a positive pregnancy, however if im not then least we can try again.

As anyone been through similar situation or have any advice?


posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Try taking another test to make doubly sure that you aren't pregnant.

I would suggest maybe asking your GP for some advice if you have PCOS maybe he/she can help.

Sorry I'm not much help, but it took me 11 months to fall on with my son so I can understand the pressure you feel under. Try and relax and enjoy the love making and don't make it a chore.

There are members on here who have PCOS and conceived who may have better advice.

Welcome to JP and good luck TTC x

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Thanks for your reply Candgsmum, Smile

I have just done another test and that showed negative (11 days after) So i doubt that i am pregnant. Im just so confused to why Iv not come on this month, but did have cramps and bloating last weekend, Its strange.

I think I will wait and see what happens, because I might be overthinking about it and stressing myself out which could be why iv not come on. So if i just forget about it and enjoy christmas, surely Im bound to come on sooner than later. Then i can work out ovulation and enjoy it Smile.


posted 1 decade 5 years ago
You may have missed a period if you are worrying about this issue? My advice is to take one more test if you are still not sure, but if this third one is negative it is very unlikely you are pregnant. If you are trying in future I would recommend the ( YET AGAIN, MODDED! ) as they have loads of great advice about trying to conceive. If you are really in doubt then perhaps go along to your doctor to get some reassurance - the worst thing you can do here is stress, so just make the effort to relax. I hope this is a help.

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Thanks for your reply Bounty.

Im just confused more than worrying. But I suppose thinking about it a lot, and trying to work it out, maybe is stressing me out. So will jsut wait and see what happens. If I miss next months aswell then ill go to the doctor and see if they can find out what's happening, But its probably just a missed period due to stressing/over thinking.

I know this can be a long process, and we have only just started it, so its just learning not to get hopes up, when period doesnt show.. which is hard.. Will now be making extra effort to relax Smile


posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Just one more thing..

This evening i was getting out of the shower, when i noticed a few prominant blue veins on my boobs. Never noticed this before, but it caught my eye in the mirror. After getting ready later on in the evening for bed, I checked again, and they were still the same, The blue veins are spread accross my boobs and are very prominant.

Does this mean anything?.

I know it may sound like such a silly thing to ask, but iv never experianced it before.


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