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Update on Kelsey

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Kelsey is sleeping calm now for the last 3 hours straight..... more than she has in the last 2 days. The last 24+ hours have been TOTALLY EXHAUSTING with her fevers and discomfort and crying and not eating a thing and only taking pedialyte minimally..... AND fighting tooth and nail to get her antibiotic and motrin into her. We see the Ear, nose, and throat dr in a few weeks. She indeed is suffering tremendously from this tonsillitis and it is breaking my heart Crying but I really do not want her to undergo surgery this young if recomended. We will see how she does in the near future i guess. Our pediatrician said today it will probaby take about 10 days before she really feels better. But in the next couple days things should improve. I am just exhausted. Sleep I was up all night and day with her and I should be on bed rest. DH is taking over tonight but when I hear her my mommy instinct just needs to take care of her myself know what I mean? I hate seeing my babygirl so sick. Sad Face
She did drink a decent amount before she fell asleep 3 hours ago so hopefully she will have more when she wakes in the night.

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Aww hun, Tonsillitis is horrible. I suffered a lot as a child, and was put on a waiting list to have them removed. Unfortunately my name must have got lost and it never happened. The bouts got much less frequent as i got older though and i only rarely get a bout now.
I know just how you feel about the 'mummy instinct' too hun, Love it is soo hard to let someone else take care of them when you feel you should be doing it, especially when they get to a stage where they can ask for their mummy Sad Face You have to get some rest though hun and i know your DH is capable of sorting out her needs so let him hun. You have to rest, especially with little Jake on the way! Very happy I really hope poor Kelsey starts to feel better soon hun, sounds like things are starting to improve a little already if she is sleeping more and managing to drink some! Very happy Keep your chin up hun, you will get through it Kiss Kiss Kiss Xx

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
aww bless her must be awful Upset

Kiss Kiss Kiss

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Oh bless her, I hope she is well soon! Flower

I suffered horribly with it as a child in and out of the ENT doc. I finally grew out of it I guess, no more problem anyways Suspect

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