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Help!! Overwhelming 12mo old teether!! (And Mama!)

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
I am frazzled. My DH is even frazzled. Shocked Kelsey has only 4 toofers still. But she is now in the last two days and in particular NIGHTS been cutting it feels like 3 now at the same time!. They are not cut thru yet.... just bulging a whole lot hot and swollen. Bless her. Sad Face During the day she does her normal getting into everyting with occsional whimpers. We are giving her Motrin as her Ped told us, teething drops, she chews on everything...
But at night it has been HORRENDOUS. Upset She will wake up screaming bloody murder like never before and will literally vomit after like 20 mins and sometimes won't settle back down like last night unless DH put her in the carseat strapped her in and drove her around until she fell asleep. But then we put her back in her crib and an hour later she screams again. I am at my wits end personally. We took her in to see if perhaps she had an ear infection as well but no. We also have been weaning her from her formula to whole milk since her first b-day....... so we stopped that and are staying with the formula. But she still screamed last night. And is miserable a lot of the day too. Can anyone help? Have your little ones about a year been this way with their teeth? So dramatic? Pregnany Mama is soooooooooooooooooooooo exhausted!!!!!!!!!! Sleep Shocked I dont know what to do. Suspect And I feel like a horrible mommy. Sad Face

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Aww hun, you are not a horrible mumma, so please don't feel that way. Teething can be enough to drive anyone to distraction! I know, believe me Smile Jake is nearly 11mths old and until recently still hadn't cut any teeth at all Wink , even though he had been teething for months (hot, red cheeks, dribbling, unsettled etc) He finally cut two teeth together around a month ago Very happy but he was in soooo much pain, and was sooo unsettled during cutting them Upset . He was up most of the night too. It must be even harder for you being pregnant and needing your sleep. I always give him calpol when it is really bad hun, i don't know if you have it in USA but it is a paracetamol based medicine. Even that didn't work that well though. Tbh i think the only real comfort is when they finally break through the gum, they tend to stop hurting so much at that point. You really aren't alone hun, feel free to moan all you like. Kiss Kiss Kiss I really hope Kelsey's teeth arrive soon for her (and you both) hun Xx

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
my mums neighbour who had kids, grandkids and great grand kids told me about a little boy she used to look after and he had teething problems and the boys mum had tried everything so when my neighbour was looking after this little boy she gave him some dry toast (which she had told the mum to try several times and she didnt) and it split the gums so the teeth could come through cos sometimes the teeth cant break through. id also recommend as mandy said calpol it helps with the temperature and pains etc (or the american version of calpol)

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Both mine teethed early on, George had his first tooth at 4 months, Charlotte shortly before she was 6 months. I found calpol was one of the only things that helped. George chewed on a clean flannel that had been wet in very cold water, I don't know how we found that out lol, I think he started shoving one from the bath in his mouth once Crazy

Your not a bad mum, its sadly one of those necessary evils we have to let them get through Kiss xx

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