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Had 2nd scan on Wednesday!

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
We had 2nd scan this Wednesday just gone- baby doing well and very active! I had to keep changing position so they could finish the measurements!! Baby's legs were too close together to find out if we are having a lad or lass so still none the wiser! Very happy

AlexAlex Moderator
posted 1 decade 1 year ago
Sounds like it went well (even though baby want to keep its sex a secret!!)

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
Awww, you have a bashful one Embarassed wanting to keep it's knees together! lol.

So glad all is going well hun Very happy Xx

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
Glad all is well hun!!!! Cheeky monkey being awkward.... he he

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
Aaralyn was the same way hun!!

Çongrats on a healthy 2nd scan!! Very happy

posted 1 decade 1 year ago
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Glad all went well, who is next on jp for their scan, mine is 23rd dec is anyone due one before?

posted 1 decade 11 months ago
Mine is on 19th december! I'm so excited!! I do want to find out if it's a pink or blue bump and will let you know, if they can tell. Baby's been moving loads the past 3 days - it really likes it when i'm lying on the sofa which has happened a lot as I'm so poorly!!!! Sad Face

only 9 days!!!

posted 1 decade 11 months ago
Glad it all went well for you hun Very happy Isn't it lovely to see them so active!

posted 1 decade 11 months ago
I asked the sonographer about the baby's gender and both her and the other lady who was writing down the details were trying as much as they could to see and the one did mouth to the other "Do you think it's a boy?" but obviousy didn't want to confirm as wasn't completely clear. Still not assuming it's a boy but kind of 70/30!

posted 1 decade 11 months ago
The MW that did my scan did say that if it is a girl come down to me and say bc i know that this is a boy, i can't have wrong.

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