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my 1 year old wont sleep

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
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my daughter is 1 year old and just doesnt sleep ta night she is up at least 7/8 times a night and lot of those times she is either inconsalable or wants to play...she has never been an easy baby and very rarely sleeps through the night but recently she has just got so much worse. I always make sure she's not hungry or thirsty and her nappy is fine, she's not hot or cold so i dont know what to do...anyone got any tips? thanks

posted 1 decade 5 years ago
Welcome to JP hun , I am Mandy, mum to Lauren, 3 in Jan and Jake 10mths. There are a few threads on the subject of sleeping at the moment hun, have a looksee and see what has been mentioned already.

I will say perseverance is the key to sleep problems hun. It is so difficult as obviously we need to sleep to, so it is easy to just give in and do anything forpeace and quiet. I would say choose an option you are happy with and stick to it. The method that worked best for me was the pick up put down method. When she starts crying, go to her, pick her up and comfort her (with as little noise/conversation etc. as possible) Once she has calmed down, put her back in her cot and walk away. If she starts crying again do the same thing. Eventually she will reaslise she isn't getting any attention when she wakes and will stop waking (or that's the idea anyway!) It worked for me hun but it can take a while so don't be too disapointed or give up after a couple of days if it hasn't worked yet. I hope you find a method that suits you and your family hun. Good luck. Let us know how you get on Xx

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